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    * As Lucy, Sabrina and Uzzah sat safely at Ye Olde Sugar Mansion Bed and Breakfast, they began to explain how they had arrived there with Ginko san but they began by explaining their origins.

    The Daughters of Cerberus were born of Cerberus and a High Priestess named Ashi, who was also the leader of a cult named The Vermillion Lotus. The Vermillion Lotus were a group of female priestess/warriors who’s sole purpose was to assassinate anyone that was a major threat to the Immortal Fangs from Netherhell. In essence, they were human-hellhound hybrids who were turned by the High Priestess using shape shifting magic. But the daughters she had were blood descendants of Cerberus himself, so their hybrid human/hellhound bloodline was pure. The High Priestess intended to raise her children as she had molded the assassins of her cult. The training was brutal and designed to sculpt them into ninja warriors of sorts. But after watching her daughters as children being so innocent, playing and showing her such love that she couldn’t handle and she felt it made her weak in her status and mission. She took advantage of the time when the pre-apocalypse created a rift long enough for her to get her girls out of Netherhell and there she encounted Ginko. She quickly gave the girls to her and explained that she just didn’t want the same life for them that she had subjected others to. After giving up her daughters, she was stripped of her status, a new and more brutal High Priestess took her place and she was ripped apart and eaten by Cerberus himself for what was considered to be a treachery.

    Meanwhile, Lucy, Sabrina and Uzzah, the hellish hellhound/human triplets were given to Ginko to save from a life of servitude to Cerberus and the Vermillion Lotus. Each one was given a fang of their father that could turn into weapons that they could use for self defense when they became older.

    Ginko was reluctant but as the mother seemed desperate and the chains began to appear that pulled her back to hell, Ginko took the girls through the borderlands and fought hard to get them safely to Sugarview Medical Center where they would be checked by Doctor Yukiko.*
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    * As Lucy, Sabrina and Uzzah sat safely at Ye Olde Sugar Mansion Bed and Breakfast, they began to ex