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    *Hei held the hairpin of her best friend up to the sun so its light can direct both her and Cao Pi to the Zhenji. As the sun hits the hairpin, a light shoots out of the hairpin, pointing to the direction of the border.*
    It…It’s dangerous there. *She turns to the emperor.* It’s going to be just like the old time, are you ready?
    *She goes into the portal with Cao Pi to search for Zhenji. When they pass through portal, Hei sense a present not too far away from where they are.*
    Zhen Fu… She must be near and is probably defense herself from those creature, we must hurry! *She takes out her swords and bolts to quickly save her best friend, slaying the weaker creatures that is coming near her.*

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      * Was up to the challenge of getting his wife into the new world and back home with him where she belonged. Had his swords ready to defend Himself ,his wife and Hei from the creatures that they would come across. After stepping out the portal he quickly followed slashing the creatures in his way with his twin blades.* I agree let’s find her quickly and get her to safety.

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      *As they are advancing forward, she stop with her eyes wide open when she see a similar silhouette, Cao Cao, his father.* 大王(Da wang)…. No, it’s an illusion.
      *She turns to check on Cao Pi to check his reaction to the incident. Because he was so shock that he didn’t notice a creature comes charging at him in a full speed. She swings her swords and cut the creature in half.* Earth to ZiHuan! *She yells then walks to stands beside him and looks at Cao Cao.* It’s has to be an illusion!