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    *Their were a huge amount of darkness energy that surrounded both Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan but the two seemed to be drawn together in so many ways as they had been through so much together that even the same enemies of Yun Lan wanted to kill him for being to close to the other. Since they had been through so much that they even shared some of their own life force to save each other once their bond was strong thanks to this. He saw the energy from his brother dressed in all white but still controlled by the enemy and still trying to kill him.*

    Snap out of it brother you’re being controlled, its me Shen Wei open your eyes!! *He could sense that his brother did not intend to let up the attack and when he noticed Yunlan block him from being pulled into the swirling vortex of energy which surged around and he grunted as he sat up just as it pulled him in. He reached out his hand* ZHAO YUNLAN!!!!!! but it was already to late. The smug look on his brothers face angered him as he clentched his fist* Where did you send him tell me or i will kill you!

    When he refused to say any word to him, Shen Wei screamed as he got to his feet and lunged forward only to get thrusted into the portal himself as he would go after Zhao Yunlan. He was falling through the skies through the vortex of energy but this energy was now radiant energy of his own as it seemed to be sending him right to the very one that he was thinking of in this moment. As he drew nearer to the group his thoughts were just on one thing and he softly spoke it aloud* Zhao Yunlan..i’m coming for you…*He landed on the ground then grunted as he sat up being it almost knocked the wind out of him and he clentched his knife in his hands that was at his side* 15d410d9bb40559e4337295347

    *Their were a huge amount of darkness energy that surrounded both Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan but the t
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      *Kun Lun had no idea just what had happened or where he even had ended up but once he exited the dark vortex of energy he found himself out cold on the ground. When he did come to he was in a vast battlefield and it seemed as if it had seen many a fight from what he could tell by sight alone.* “Shenwei…” *His thoughts immediately went onto Shen Wei as he wondered just where he had been taken to but he saw no one around. Just then he sat up and held his chest as the Guardian Lord knew that his soul had taken a bit of damage but also he could tell that Shen Wei had guarded for him being that the two were connected since Shenwei had shared his lifeforce with him to cure his eyesight.* SHENWEI….Where are you!!!! *He shouted out as the winds around whipped his hair as he stood to his feet only to stumble as he tried to find a shelter to find some safety here, wherever this place was that they both were now in which would later in due time become their home and safe haven*