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    Entry #39: Dear Diary,
    Serena (@snowdragonslayer) seems to be having fun with her ice cream job. She’s selling fairy cakes to and goshness they’re so adorable I felt kinda guilty eating them. I ate them anyway of course :P
    Kyouko (@heartsutra) taught me how she meditates. It’s hard to do it without thinking about other stuff like what to have for lunch. Kandace (@kandace) said she’d teach me ballet but I haven’t got my plimolls and leotard yet so I don’t think we can start right away…
    Mystia (@deaftoallbutthesong) got injured recently D: I only found out because Miss Grey (@darkphoenix) used her telepathy to let me know! It’s sorta surprising to hear voices in your head like that but the good news is Mysty’s recovered now! What a relief that she’s okay.
    A few honey-topped pancakes later, I saw an ad for a pet shop! It’s kinda far away but I figured I needed to top up my ant farm sooner or later. They don’t have the blue assist-type ants there like in Papylon, so I got black workers instead and sure they were aggressive at first but I think they’re starting to get along with my blues. It’s kind of interesting though that bugs are so different here! Did you know blue ants here are actually wasps? That’s so weird!
    Oh yeah, I’m growing strawberries since it’s the start of spring now! I hope they’ll grow up big and healthy n.n
    Well that’s all for today, diary! I gotta get up early to finish that last question on my worksheet. Nighty night!