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    Entry #37: Dear Diary,
    Not a lot happened recently so I haven’t really been writing. If you missed me, I’m sorry :(
    Lunar New Year happened though, and that was super fun. The fireworks, the phoenix, the wantons, it was great!
    Mystia (@deaftoallbutthesong) told me she wants to go to space. No clue why but it sounds… fun? I mean if we can figure out how to get there and breathe and stuff.
    I almost melted from cuteness overload earlier when I met Cirno (@cirno) and Sugar (@fairyapprentice). I hope they’re settling in okay. Maybe I should take them to Tir Nan Og one day to meet Skyrie’s other fairy folk.
    What else, what else? Well boopadoop I’ve been an unsocial kid sitting at home on her sweet 3DS n.n;
    I promise next time I’ll have more to write, diary. Adios!