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    Day #33: Dear Diary,
    Today I did a lot! I went to see the blacksmith to get my costume upgraded. I don’t know what Mrs. Red (@winter-rose-24) did but it feels safer I guess? I should try it out properly sometime.
    I’m gonna be pretty busy this week babysitting her daughter Cammie (@princessearthtree), but I don’t mind one bit! She’s fun to hang out with! We’re going on a picnic tomorrow! I think Cammie and Mysty (@deaftoallbutthesong) might be cousins too… I think.
    When I got some free time I visited the Yokai City and got a Yokai Watch from Katie (@yokaiwatcher). I found some weird yokai but no bug friends yet… I wonder if Mysty and Kyouko (@heartsutra) know the place.

    Well that’s all for today, I’ll let you know how the picnic goes tomorrow. Ciao, Diary!