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    Day #32: Dear Diary,
    Tonight I’m writing from the Grandstaff-Raystriker residence. I’m at Mysty’s (@deaftoallbutthesong) slumber party! Kyouko’s (@heartsutra) here too and we played dominoes. You know, it’s kinda weird but I didn’t hear her scream “ohayou” at the top of her lungs at all today. Maybe because she arrived in the evening? Hard to say. I think I should ask her why she takes that broom like, everywhere! Maybe she’s a witch! Spoopy…
    Rosea (@rosegrandstaff-20) was nice enough to prepare an extra-special dinner for us! It was uhh… don’t let mom find out about this but I like her cooking more. I hope she doesn’t overexert herself to make breakfast in the morning though. She seemed a bit tired.
    Kandace (@kandace) seems to be spending a lot of time in her room. I wonder how come. Maybe she’s busy with ballroom stuff.
    Mysty’s a night sparrow so she’s probably gonna be awake later than me. It’s real cosy in here so I could drift off at any minute. Well, good night Diary!