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    Day #31: Dear Diary,

    Sorry again for missing so many days but I was really busy with the house move. I’m living with mom and dad in a little cottage in the Forest of Harmony now!
    New Year’s was fun, and both my part time jobs are going great, though I’ll have to get ready for school to restart soon.
    Mysty’s (@deaftoallbutthesong) back and I just met her friend Kyouko (@heartsutra) today. They did a comedy gig and by golly it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Ujimushi Ujimushi! We’ll be having a slumber party this weekend too, I’m so psyched!
    Today I took a trip to the borderlands since one of my resolutions is to get braver. I can’t be a great hero if I’m scared of danger after all. I still didn’t fight any monsters but not because I was scared, it’s because I’m not strong enough! I just stuck with scouting because that’s what I’m best at.
    The next big day is Eniscian New Year, but since Eniscis is in my old world they probably call it something else here, probably. I hope Meruni (old world OC, Eniscian heritage) is doing alright.
    I haven’t seen Fausty (@elinfaust) in a while, which is weird because she’s always in the forest on weekdays. Hope she’s alright….
    This weekend mom says she’s gonna paint my thrust pack, plus she has another surprise for me. What could it be?

    Well, toodles Diary!