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    Day #24: Dear Diary,
    I spent so long at Konoha Village that I didn’t get much time to deliver any presents. Mr. Naruto (@narutokyuubishadowlightuzumakii) showed me around and I bought some lovely flowers for mom and dad!
    I visited Alyssa’s (@iamgamer) dad’s lab slash workshop and met a guy Lance who looks like he comes from a video game my dad showed me! I think she told me he was an AI. They’re working on this thingy called a Buster Thruster which actually come to think of it I think Chipper (@greasemonkey) would be really interested in. Lots of messing with timespace to get past lightspeed. Sounds way too complicated for me. The name though, Buster Thruster, it’s just so fun to say!
    Oh yeah since school vacations are here I’ve signed up for a quest, or uhh, a little job cleaning at the Assassins Creed Inn for Mrs. Red (@winter-rose-24) over the holidays.
    I’m making stickers tonight for another present, then I think it’ll be bedtime.
    Toodle-oo, Diary!