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    Day #22: Dear Diary,
    I went to the assassins creed inn/blacksmith and got a new, endless diary! Yays! Mrs Red (@winter-rose-24) is really talented you know, this book is really useful!
    We tried swordfish the other day at Mystia’s (@deaftoallbutthesong) eel cart. It tastes kinda funny to me eheheh. I heard she got adopted and now she’s Kandace’s (@kandace) sister! I’m so happy for them both! I hope they’ll never have to feel lonely again now that they have each other.
    I’ve been Christmas shopping at the mall and also coming up with snowman ideas. In the end I built a snow-gentleman. I don’t think it can beat the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon but it might get bonus points for technically being a snowMAN? Well even if I don’t win, it was a lot of fun making it! I’m calling it Frederick von Fancystein eheheh.
    Nice to meet you new diary, I hope we get along great. See you tomorrow!