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    *After the maiden had been cleared and left the medical center she had gotten on a bus and it had taken her to this place where she was told she could have the a soak in the most calming waters around and it would help to heal any injuries or wounds and also to soothe the soul in general. She loved the sound of that right about now and knew it to be just what she needed. She went inside the spa and looked around and noticed a bell on the front desk. Yukina rang the bell slightly not hitting it to hard as she hoped she would not interrupt anyone from what they were doing yet it did mean ring for service, hadn’t it? Taking a few moments she noticed someone come out to help her and nodded* I was told I can have a soak in healing waters here, is there lavender bath salts and do you have sage incense as well? *She waited for the other to respond to her questions before going to the private bath area*

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      *Harumiya stuck her head out from behind a door. She had been doing clerical work for her auntie Noloty in the office.* Oh hello there! *She almost fell off her chair as she quickly got up.* Yes! Of course! *she went in the back room, then came back with a scented basket of lavender bath salts and sage incense. She then put it on the counter for Yukina to take it, she then noticed the coupon she handed her, she added it to the payment.* You just came out of Sugarview?! Welcome to the new world. My name Harumiya but feel free to call me Haru if you need anything else let us know. I will let my auntie Noloty know that you are here in case you wish for any other services. She’s the owner here. @promiscuous Enjoy!
      If you walk straight down the stone path you’ll find the area of the healing waters. She hands her a key to a private bath area.* And this is a room in case you don’t want to be in the public section. *she winks* Enjoy yourself!

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        *She listened to her words and gave a nod* “Yes I did, I am Yukina Jaganshi nice to meet you harumiya-San. Thank you very much” *Accepting the key to the room she bowed and headed in the direction she was told to go holding the small basket in her hands* my these smell wonderful, I really will enjoy them. *she dipped into the private room and locked the door for safety then got into the healing waters* ahhh this is simply heavenly. received_293150641979747

        *She listened to her words and gave a nod* “Yes I did, I am Yukina Jaganshi nice to meet you h