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Ame Ganaha OkumuraSakata {CobaltIdolSugarFang}



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April 20, 1993

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New Friends, Roleplaying


Name: Ameko Ganaha OkumuraSakata

Nicknames: She does not like to be called anything other than Ame

Family: Adopted daughter of Gintoki-Lucifer and Helena of the GrandSugarClan.

Clan: Sugarfang Branch of the GrandSugarClan

Clan Name: CobaltIdolSugarFang

Personality/Short Bio:  [still being worked out, gomen]

Ame is a kind and sweet girl who likes to sing and dance its why she decided to become an idol. She had always felt a strong pull towards Hibiki Ganaha, the one she became friends with but she never knew the reason why but because of this the two became close and considered themselves as sisters (without knowing they actually were twins) and were always together until they day they became separated. She was adopted into the family of Ise and her adopted mother was a priestess who looked after the holy relic weapon that she would one day need to seek out. After some time had passed and she was growing up her adoptive parents were killed and she learned the truth that they were not her true family and that her birth parents were still out there and could be looking for her so she went in search of them hoping to find some answers and find out about her twin sister Hibiki.

[How she reunited with her true family will be added in soon.]