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Toraneko Kousaka +DesiredSatouUltharian+

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Name: Toraneko Kousaka
Race: Werecat
Nationality: Ultharian
Knight of the Order of SweetSugarSeraphim
Raised & cared for by Lady Helena
Spends a lot of time with and is influenced by Kintoki
Member of the Satou Ultharian Army of the GrandSugarClan
Personality: Charming, lady killer, tender, intelligent and able to run fast (especially when running away from fangirls/ women.)
Favorite Food: Tofu and anything Lady Helena makes.

(Based on/ Human side Kousaka Masanobu a/k/a Kasaga Taratsuna)


Admin: I don’t respond to chats / messages or people who don’t take the time to read my profile. / Not interested in mates or relationships for this character.