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Naoeneko Kanetsugu **FerroCordeSatouUltharian**

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Name: Naoeneko Kanetsugu
Race: Werecat
Nationality: Ultharian
Knight of the Order of SweetSugarSeraphim
Found & cared for by Lady Helena
Often sits with AkoyaKurama and admires him greatly.
Member of the Satou Ultharian Army of the GrandSugarClan
Naoe’s Basics: He’s a highly skilled warrior with both ability and intellect. Knowledgeable in the art of war, politics, and government. His words might sound like sarcasm, but his replies are actually straightforward. He’s strong and determined.

(Based on/HumanName: Naoe Kanetsugu)

Admin Notes: I don’t care for messages or chats. Gomen ladies and gents, my character is not interested in a romantic partner.