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Souya Kuroi Yatogami {Sugarfang}



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July 23, 1993

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United States


GrandSugarClan Empire / Sato No Kokoro Resturant / The Void

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New Friends, Roleplaying


Full Name: Souya Hokuto Kuroi Yatogami OkumuraSakata

Family: He is the son of Mato Kuroi OkumuraSakata-Yatogami and Kuroh Yatogami-OkumuraSakata and has a twin sister named Tohka.

Relations/Bonds: He has a bond with Hibiki Ganaha OkumuraSakata aside from his bond to her as her nephew.  She became a close friend to him when he felt he had no one in the world and for that he treasures the bonds he holds. He also respects his grandmother Lady Helena and grandfather Gintoki-Lucifer of the Sugardemons for welcoming him among their family.

Clan: Sugarfang Branch of the GrandSugarClan

Clan Name: To be decided on

[bio and personal tweaks I added for it to be truly my own will be added in some time thank you.]