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    *There was some time before Arash and Dieguito had to start their shift as butlers at the bakery. Kintoki was already there and treated them to some coffee and parfaits. They certainly weren’t going to decline. They enjoyed their treats while talking about all the great festivals that had taken place. Dieguito was happy. He couldn’t believe his luck. After being released form the hospital, those whom he had been through some odd times with brought him into the fold and helped him and others live normally. He wasn’t treated differently after he had to revealed his abilities to Hikari in Satou Arcanum. He was happy to have made a great friend in Arash, he felt as if they knew each other for along time and they got along as well as brothers would. Working along with him, he felt a strange sort of comfort. He wondered if their paths had crossed before. Eventually, he’d work up the courage to ask him. Right now, things seemed especially perfect. And they would have a lot of work to do with Mother’s Day just around the corner.*
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    *There was some time before Arash and Dieguito had to start their shift as butlers at the bakery. Ki
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      *Arash was happy to tell his stories about all the great customers that had come into the bakery. He was happy to work there, he was happy to have such great bosses, great friends and he felt like he was with family when he was with Dieguito whom he recognized as Ozymandias but this information had been stored away in his subconscious. Right now Arash was calling himself Erwin and Dieguito was a person who had become a close friend. He felt a connection, he felt like he was forgetting to tell Dieguito something but for some reason when he was going to speak of this, it just wasn’t the appropriate time. He would wait until he could recall what he had been summoned to this world to do but right now, he was enjoying himself and he was glad those around him were too.* Arigato Kin boss! Sit with us for a little while. You work much to hard.

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      Sure! I’ll join you in a minute. In the meantime, enjoy these!