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"Ozy" D.C. Watch *SombrosoGalactoseBestiarusz *

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Full Name: Ozymandias Diego Carlos Watch
NickName: Ozy / Dieguito / Carlitos
Member of the SugarBeast Branch of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: SombrosoSugarBeast

Birth Mother: Michella Watch (Deceased)
Birth father: Unknown. That’s why he took his mother’s last name.
Basics: Born in Brazil but moved widely through Latin America until one day he was mysteriously transported to another universe and found himself in a very different situation and had to survive by shedding everything he once knew. His uncle Leonardo Watch had the All Seeing Eyes of God before him but his uncle died before he could explain the purpose of the eyes. He would later learn his role with is eyes as he witnessed the impending apocalypse that began at Satou Arcanum.
Formerly a Miracle Examiner for the Vatican
Currently contracted by Lady of Sorrows Orphanage
Abilities: All Seeing Eyes of God / Watcher
He doesn’t have the best combat skills but he is quite clever and quick to adapt to situations.

// more will be developed via rp.//

Main character images used: Carlos Diego (Vatican Kiseki Chousakan), Raven (Hakushaku to Yousei), Ozymandias (Fate Grand Order) and Leonardo Watch (Blood Blockade Battlefront)