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    *Mystia is brought into the infirmary by Jean Grey after having fallen out of a tree. She has a concussion and bruises all over her back.*
    What? Don’t be stupid… Birds… don’t fall out of trees… *Her conscience fades.*

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      *Jean notices that Mystia is already hallucinating and gently sits her on a wheelchair* Stay right there! I’ll be back! *she heads to the front desk and speaks to the front desk clerk* Hello! I need a doctor as quickly as possible! This young lady has fallen from a tall tree and I believe she may have a concussion.

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      *Makes sure that Mystia is immediately taken to the emergency room for check up.* Alright! I’ll take her into the emergency room. Could you please fill out the forms on the desk. We need the lady’s name if you know her, where you found her and the state she was in when you found her. *he then put her in a stretcher and rushed her to the emergency room.*

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      Absolutely! *Jean begins to fill out the form as indicated. She felt stuck at the Last Name column since she really didn’t know it so she wrote underneath the page that she is a very close friend to Apple. She indicated that Mystia has fallen off a tree and when she found her, she was already hallucinating. She reads the forms making sure she filled it out as accurate as possible and then signed it* Hopes this helps! *She looks at her phone and realizes that she does not have Apple’s phone number* Damn! I hope she doesn’t freak out with what I’m about to do! *Jean takes a seat and relaxes then starts calling out to Apple @goldmari telepathically*

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      *Apple receives the telepathy call from her house, and sure is surprised at first, but then as she realizes it’s from Jean she comes to understand what’s happening. She focuses and thinks out loud.* Does this work 2 ways? Wait, Mystia’s in hospital? Oh no that’s really bad, super bad D:
      Her surname? I think she told me it when we met but when she got adopted did it become the same as Rosea’s surname? I’m actually not sure o.o
      Oh wait I know! At school she wrote her name on all her worksheets when we helped each other with homework! It’s Mystia Lorelei!
      Is she okay? Please say she’s okay!

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        *Jean smiles as she receives a response from Apple and replies back* “Indeed it works both ways! Thank you for providing me Mystia’s last name. She’s being well taken care of” *She ends her connection and heads back to the front desk* Excuse me, may I get the form again? I just got the patient’s last name! Than you!