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    A magical number, it’s called sixty-four 🎶
    Why is it magic? I’m not really sure 🎶
    That many people are friends with Mysty 🎶
    The last song I think was when it was fifty 🎶
    Nagisa and Tomoya they met me at school 🎶
    They seem kinda strange but I hope they’re cool 🎶
    Sugar and Cirno the fairies of winter 🎶
    We met by a tree, hope no-one got splinters 🎶
    Seiga and Tio both friends with dead girls 🎶
    It’s all kinda creepy but we’ll see what unfurls 🎶
    John Morstan and Jocku, a cowboy and dweeb 🎶
    I need to ask someone to explain what’s a dweeb 🎶
    Uno and Jyugo from section thirteen 🎶
    I saw them once on the TV screen 🎶
    The last of my friends, her hair Isabelle 🎶
    Yes that was a pun if you couldn’t tell 🎶
    Thanks everybody for being my friend 🎶
    Hope we get along in this world of pretend 🎶


    //PS. If my song annoys you then go ahead and unfriend me. I really can’t stand it when people call these rhymes just a “random tag”. I poured my heart and soul into it you know!//