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    Hey hey, welcome to Skyrie! Enjoy your time here, and gimme as many sunflower seeds as you can find. I’ve been craving sunflower seeds all day! Oh, also *nibbles on a sunflower seed* check out *nibble* this group. Full of *nibble* info and FAQs.

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      *She laughed slightly as she looked to her then nodded* ah….haha I see, thank you for the welcome here but I just came to find my friends, I hope they are here.

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      Oh well hello there nice to meet you too and yes he certainly seems familiar I may have come across him but i’ll have to role play with him to be sure of that. I don’t go along with how the anime version of this character is, as I have made it my own and it has its own story I’m going off of that I made for her.

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        Oh dw about that, I think lots of people here do that sort of thing, plus I don’t know the anime anyway n.n;

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        Really? Wow I didn’t think many others did that but of course I only have few friends so it might be why I didn’t know that. I have two friends that told me they were planning to go to another role play site and so I started searching google and found this one so I hope maybe I can find them.