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    *After picking up the escorts at the Diner, Jean and the Gears made their way back to the hospital with hardly any interference from creatures or anything in between* That was fast! *She tells Dizzy who was driving the vehicle. Once they arrived, Nurse Aki was already at the entrance waiting for them.* Perfect! *Jean gets off the vehicle and gives the list to Nurse Aki* These are the names of those who came with us. *She helps out to escort them to the main cafeteria and lets Nurse Aki introduce herself. As she speaks, Jean can already feel her body slowly going into a metamorphosing change. She excuses herself and runs upstairs to the rooftop. Jean didn’t want anyone to see how she was changing, especially seeing how her veins were popping out looking like fire. She didn’t want to leave; she wanted to remain where she was to continue helping as much as she can but she can hear the Phoenix talking to her* It is time! *Jean takes a deep breath then nods her head, accepting what will happen next.* I’m sorry! I must go! *Those were her last words before heading out to the universe* @umbertoslinn @sirene

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      Nurse Aki: *She carefully takes the list and smiles. She then bows.* I truly appreciate all your efforts to help save these people from danger. I’ll do my best to make them comfortable and make sure they get their shots and check up. *She looked at Jean who looked slightly different to her but she couldn’t tell what it was. She figured, that just like anyone else. Jean might be tired. So she took the list and went to greet the new patients.*

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      * The King Raven gunship and Centaur tank both took off once the Rig had returned. Dizzy called down from the top of the rig. * See now, me and Betty can handle anything. Yall should get some rest while you can. Mind if I stay here for a while?