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    *A few blocks away from the infirmary, a portal opens and a female and a male comes crossing from it. The portal closes behind them and Phoenix walks towards the hospital. She would eventually look back to make sure the male is still able to walk. Although the ground was shaking violently, the Phoenix had telekinetically formed a protective barrier for her and the soldier, making them walk with ease. They arrive at the entrance and she faces him* You’ll be well attended! Hopefully we’ll meet again! * She steps aside so that the male can enter* @umbertoslinn

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      With skills that useful I’m sure you’ll run into me sooner or later. Thanks, you know for the whole not leaving me to die in a burning Raven thing. Very grateful for that. I’ll find a way to pay you back for that. * He took a hand of his weapon to push open the door enough to peak inside. * Guess I’ll go get in some more trouble then.

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      Nurse Aki: *Nurse Aki bows to the Phoenix as she is leaving. She walks over and met the new patient. *My name is Nurse Aki. Welcome to True White Chrystalline Flame General Infirmary! We simply refer to it as the infirmary. I’m sure like most patients here, you’ve come from elsewhere. I suppose it’s alright to let you know, you are currently on Planet Skyrie, we sometimes affectionately call it Earth or Terra. And you may remain here for as long as you like. As you can see the situation outside is not the best for anyone to be roaming around. * She helps him to a room where she treats all his superficial wounds. She makes sure he has food, water and a place to rest while he waits for a more thorough examination by the doctor. *She bows and leaves him in the room to rest for a while as she goes and tends to the many other patients coming in their doors.*

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      That’s a pretty long name for a hospital, no wonder you just infirmary. * He remarked giving a little casual salute and wink to Fenix as he followed Aki. * Well everyone’s got to come from somewhere right? * He glanced at each patient he passed out of curiosity since it was very different to the medical care he was use to. In the room he leant his weapon against the bed he was sitting on and tried noto to fidgit during any treatment. * Thanks doc, sure seems like you’ve got your hands full. * One she had left his little floating robot de-cloaked and hovered in front of him. * Beacon still working Jack? * The robot made a noise that presumably meant yes. * That’s something at least. We’ll set it off once I’m out but until then… * He lay down and crosses his hands under his head * ….doctors orders are to rest and recuperate. Who am I to argue.