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    *Night took Wakasa and Takasu to the infirmary where he met up with his sister Yukiko. She was able to put them in two giant tanks filled with healing waters to hydrate and alleviate any injuries they might have incurred. Night decided to stay there and wait until they were better before he could leave the infirmary. He felt the two mermen were as vulnerable as children.* @takasu @wakasa


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      *Takasu felt like he was in a comfortable dream and would wiggle around in the tank with a bit of a smile on his face but his eyes were still closed. It would be some time before he fully awakened.*

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      *Wakasa was partially awake. He kept an eye on his savior which made him feel at ease. He was surprised they had encountered such compassionate creature. He was slightly worried about being put into a strange tank but the waters were so soothing that he decided not to struggle. As long as he could keep an eye on his savior and as long as Takasu was safe. He would be happy.*

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      They’re recovering well Night brother! *She talks to her brother on the phone.* Hai! i sent them to the Sugar Mansion. They said they wanted to be with you. hahaha