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Claudine Cottontail

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Full Name: Claudine Rumi Cottontail
Nicknames: Princess Cottontail
Hero Name: Rabbit Hero Princess Warrior / Bunny-Eared Usako

Birthdate: March 1st
Parents: King and Queen of Lunaris

Basics: She is a native and princess warrior of the Lunaris Cottontail Woodlands but had been shifted to another dimension along with her cousin Carotte long ago.

Personality: When she’s in her normal bunny form, she’s shy, humble and quiet but when she’s in rabbit hero form, she is tough, speaks her mind and she respects those who do the same.

She is a worshipper of Goddess Urd and loves and will defend to death Lady Helena, the GSC clan and her home Lunaris.

Fighting Style: Melee Combat

Rabbit Hero Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Speed, Dexterity and Agility. She has a high pain tolerance and has mastered hand to hand combat.

Bunny Princess Abilities: She is able to communicate telepathically with all the inhabitants of Lunaris Cottontail Woodlands regardless of the dimension they may be in. She has excellent hearing and possesses animal instincts to alert her of nearby danger.

Favorite Foods: Carrots, Carrot Cakes, Carrot Muffins

Occupation: Student/ProHero at True Cross Academy of the Blue Flame’s U.A. Special Unit, Princess of Lunaris Cottontail Woodlands

Alliances: Friend of GrandSugarClan/ Graduate of Rocky’s House of Allies.

((Quote: To all plotters and schemers out there!! Hope you’re ready for me to kick your butts.))

My main images: Fran the Viera (Final Fantasy), Mirko (MHA), Nitocris (FGO) and those I’ve used in my photo albums.

Note: I am RL friends with Ginkachi and Ginnoji. No messages/chats accepted. Just here to have fun, not looking for romance rps.