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    *Juzumaru, a lone sword on the battlefield left all alone by the one who forged him as the two had fought a bloody battle together only to have his master become possessed by something and turn on him injuring him almost to death as his spiritual energy body he was fighting in was nearly destroyed. Looking on all around him as he was looking at his masters dead body on side of him and almost overcome with regret that he had been forced to turn on the very one who forged him. “i am sorry…master..this may be my death place also..” *He was not afraid of death and was ready to accept it but it would seem that someone else had greater plans for him as he saw a faint flash of light that encircled his body and he closed his eyes as he could feel the light seem to heal his wounds to the point where he could stand to his feet and seek out aid if he truly did wish to live. He sat up and thanked the heavens for saving him but now he was truly a lost blade with no master and he wondered just what he could do to live on as he gotten up and looked around. This battlefield was vast and the smell of the blood and he held his nose only to be caught off guard by a sound that peirced through the winds and reached his ears. He wondered just how he had gotten here but in the midst of the battle with his master something had went wrong and both of them had been transported into skyrieverse landing in this vast border lands area. He had taken a few moments to gather his thoughts and began to walk forward ahead looking for any place where he could safely rest without having to worry about being eaten alive.* “i guess this world will become my haven now….i just have to find somewhere to sleep for the night…better to start now before nightfall…” *He had been granted a physical body of his own yet he would still become as a sword form if he would ever use to much of his energy at once just like his comrade sword spirit Aoe.* @awarriorsheart @darkbladeknight

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      *After he had left from the sword haven citadel, Tarotachi had been wondering about two different things lately and how he had felt it strange that one had not yet come to see him since being here yet he put the thought aside and sighed to himself. For now he decided that he would hold off on anything further until he had a while of time to consider just how to go about things from now since he just learned about it.*

      Honestly this is going to be such a headache i am seemed to be in for….all because of that damned peacock…*He felt frustrated but he knew there must be a reason as to why this was happening and why now yet he did not have a time to think any further on it as he suddenly felt a pull of something familiar to him and he gasped as he could sense two sword spirits had also come here and he knew he would have to find them and take them to safety or it would not make him feel at ease. He then touched his blade at his side and knew he was in for a rough time but then chose to go see to it anyway* So it would seem the spirits of Aoe have appeared next…i shall go and get them. *Just before he had taken off he sighed to himself and whispered onto the winds* Saimonji….i shall find your spirit, trust me you will not wander long….i promise that!” *He then took off and headed towards the direction of the familiar pulses he sensed*