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Seiryu Masamune Date *BlueDraconizianSugarDemon*

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FullName: Seiryu Masamune Date
Nickname: Son of the One-Eyed Dragon
ClanNames: HellDragonSugarDemon / BlueDraconizianSugarDemon
Birthdate: Sept. 5th
Height: 174 cm (5’9”)
Parents:(Deceased) Father, Masamune Date / Mother, Megohime Date
Wife: Star Satanachia (AstreaDevilukean SugarDemon)
Son: Xeryus Algol Masamune Deviluke OkumuraSakata-Date
Element: Lightning
Inherited Clans & Alliances: Date / Toyotomi / Tokugawa / Eastern Army
Inherited Weapons: Six Swords (Wyvern Tear, Gorgon’s Clan, Dragon Fang, Uroboros, Tiamat and Alastor)
Bio: Seiryu was named after the blue dragon that Date saw in a dream before his son was born. Seiryu had a comfortable childhood training to become like his father until he was kidnapped by a ninja of and opposing clan. This ninja wanted revenge because Date had killed someone he had feelings for and maliciously took out the same eye that Date was missing. It is said that Seiryu himself then took out his sword and killed the vengeful ninja, then made his way all the way back home.
Seiryu, just like his father, is a confident, cocky, and ambitious warlord. Energetic and fearless, he usually wields a single katana but his father taught him to carry and fight with six swords at once which was one of his signature moves. He was loud and boisterous in the battlefield but whenever he is not on the battle field he is mild, quiet and thoughtful. He is unmistakably loyal to his men/soldiers.
When Seiryu first met Star Satanachia, he boldly told her that he would conquer her heart. Star Satanachia smiled at him and told him that if he could fight her and defeat her, he would get his first date. Unwavering, the battle between Seiryu and Star Satanachia began, this is how Seiryu learned how strong Star Satanachia was and he was more determined to beat her. It took them a whole day to fight. The battle started with swords but ended as hand-to-hand combat where at one point Seiryu was able to defeat Star Satanachia and they started dating soon after.
He ultimately fell deeply in love and both Star Satanachia and Seiryu decided he would meet with the head of the SugarDemon clan, Gintoki Lucifer and Star’s father Rintoki. After winning their trust he felt more comfortable among her family and decided to become worthy to become one of them. He married Satanachia and had a son with her, the young prince Xeryus.