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    *Mephisto had spent too many centuries looking to conquer the world. Now he was here trying to save it. He never pictured himself on this end of the spectrum. Humans were just insignificant shells containing rich souls to be harvested by his kind. The more clever and knowledgeable the human, the more precious the soul. Eventually, the ways human’s lives interested him. His brother Lucifer @shiroyassha had sent him several times to the human world and he began to feel at home with these interesting humans. The humans became a source of entertainment. He enjoyed testing their will and determination, this became a fun pastime. The ways of humanity started to grow on him. Especially when his brother Lucifer decided to leave the world of demons to live with the one he’d chosen as his eternal mate, Helena. That’s when things got more complicated and worlds began to intertwine.

    Fast forward to the present and Mephisto was now doing his best to save his sister-in-law and the world, alongside those that had become of importance to him.

    Maintaining a giant shield became a challenge to him. He usually preferred to let others do the heavy lifting, this time he was fighting to keep a shield around Helena to contain powers beyond his own comprehension. At first he thought she was breaking down his barrier so that she could complete the destruction of the world but upon hearing the blast behind him followed by a very familiar and powerful lightning strike. He realized that Helena wanted to absorb the missiles.* Mein Gott! Who is sending missiles this way? *he would roll his eyes.*

    Sis-in-law Helena, tsk tsk, you can’t have those. *He then doubled up on his powers calling fourth his most ancient demonic strength in order to be able to counter Helena’s powers. She would break down the shield and he would rebuild it again. This would happen for a while until the missiles threat was gone but then he felt it again. And he heard when these were shot down. He then realized that more family had arrived to help at Satou Arcanum but he was still frustrated.* Verdammt!!! Do these imbeciles want to speed up the coming of the apocalypse? *he worked harder than he ever had before just to keep the shield from becoming non existent. *

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    *Mephisto had spent too many centuries looking to conquer the world. Now he was here trying to save