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Mirra Kotetsu-KuroiSakata



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December 19, 1989

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United States



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New Friends, Roleplaying


Full Name: Mirra Kotetsu-Kuroi OkumuraSakata

Names Meaning: Clone of Fire

Game Mode: Mirra

Birth Place/Records: Confidential

Race: Half Demon

Abilities: She has red flames and can use telekinesis with the rock shooters.

Husband: Erato-Satoshi Kuroi Sakata

Son: Shinra

Daughters: Rena, Sita


Little is known about this girl like her last name as well as birth records which are unknown due to a priest who rescued her from her parents house fire. He took her took her with him and upon finding out what she really was he decided to hide her by raising her as his own and proceeded to name her Maki yet she despised it and did not listen when he called her by that name for she knew it was not her own. Her adopted parents were killed in the fire she accidently started one night when she came into her powers in the event of a full blue moon. She grew scared and ran but was caught by the priest whom she later learned knew more about her then she did so she went with him under the guise of wanting to know everything but first she knew she had to gain his trust thus going along with the charade. Later when she grew up, she came into age and asked him to tell her everything but not realizing it sooner he intended to kill her one night as she slept. Waking up to a knife to her throat her power activated and she killed him by torturing him for all information he had on her. She found out that her name was truly Mirra and that her demon side came from her father but he did not know their identities so he could not tell her anything further, she let him go but her power drained his life force without her knowing it could do that. She ran away from the abandoned church and went in search of anyone who could give her answers and found herself in a world called Skyrie, this is where her journey began.