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Benimaru "Flare Lord"

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Name: Benimaru

Benimaru has a carefree personality, that of an excited and confident man. Even so, he is actually really cautious and cunning as well. He has no interest in serving anyone who he doesn’t deem worthy, however, he doesn’t belittle those weaker than him either.

Benimaru is one of the third group of subordinate Monsters to be named by Rimuru Tempesta. Originally an Ogre, he was uncertain of his servitude and asked for it to be temporary, but after being named, he evolved into a Kijin, immediately becoming Rimuru’s most powerful subordinate for the time, and decided to serve him permanently.

Soon after, Benimaru was given the position of Commander-in-Chief, giving him direct command over Tempesta’s military forces.

Upon Rimuru’s ascension to a True Demon Lord, Benimaru evolved into a Fair Oni and reached the strength of a Disaster-Class Monster.

He lives in the Capital city of the Jura Tempest Federation: Rimuru City.
Until he was suddenly transported to Skyrieverse where he would find and be reintroduced to his master Tempesta again.

Alliance: In League with the GrandSugarClan