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Autumn Demonita 🍁 ProcellaIgniferaSugarBeast



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Full Name: Autumn Demonita Hellstorm-OkumuraSakata
a/k/a Autumn Demonata SugarStorm
Parents: Demona Skorpios Hellstorm and Dezember Shima-OkumuraSakata (GrandSugarClan)
Birthdate: October 26
Race: Human/ Demonata / Hybrid
Member of the SugarBeast branch and the Daemonium Igniferum UnitΒ  of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: ProcellaIgniferaSugarBeast
Personality: Fiery spirit and protective soul.
Abilities: As she grows older she will be able to use blue flames and orange flames, summoning of scorpion and scorpion demons.
Loves: Everything sweet to eat.

// Note: Main character images from Alice of SINoALice, Vignette April Tsukinos of Gabriel Drop Out