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Alvaro Garay *AssassinDraconizianSugarDemon*

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Full name: Alvaro Espada Garay

Member of the Sato Demone Branch of the SugarDemon Family within the GrandSugarClan
ClanNames: AssassinHellDragonSugarDemon/ AssassinDraconizianSugarDemon

BirthDate: Nov. 16th (Scorpio)
Height: 178cm
Parents: Deceased

Cousin: Seiryu Masamune Date
Beautiful Wife: Luna Leviachan Deviluke OkumuraSakata de EspadaGaray (BeliaDevilukeanSugarDemon)
Son: Zeviathan R’lyeh Deviluke OkumuraSakata EspadaGaray

Basics: Alvaro is actually quite sly and mysterious. He’s loyal to his cousin Seiyru and did several assassinations job for him during wartime. He can be sadistic and cruel but towards his family he is loyal and loving.
He loves to tease his wife Lala and they both spar often leading to passionate moments in which they end up rather intertwined with each other. Alvaro was an orphan. His only option was to become an assassin for a guild. Eventually he came across his cousin during an assassination mission. His cousin Seiryu killed the guild master and took all the assassins under his own command. Alvaro was free to be by his cousin Seiryu’s side and they had countless adventures together. He often tends to change his hair color due to the nature of his work.
Alvaro came with the GrandSugarClan to the new world and had a son with Leviachan named Zeviathan.

Occupation: Ninja/Assassin
Weapons/Abilities: Every deadly weapon used in the ninja arts. Hand-to-hand combat.