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    Gabriell Ian White posted an update

    @asamiryuichi I can’t believe it! We made it..

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      -heaves you up, throwing you around, chuckling-
      Yes, my love, yes we did it -kisses you long and passionate-. I have my wild one back…my little hell-spawn, my kawai akuma…-looks at you with warm golden eyes-
      I can’t believe it, my beloved one -nuzzles your neck-

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        -Hugging you tight, I nuzzle in to your warm embrace. Feeling my eyes tear up, I hide my face into your neck. My fingers brushing through your black tresses-
        Tell me I’m not dreaming..

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        You’re not dreaming, my little hell-spawn. -purrs deep and content- I have you back…we’re back together. I promised you, nothing and nobody will ever tear us apart -sighs soft, closing my eyes, while inhaling your scent and relishing in your embrace-
        Hell knows, how much I’ve missed you…