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Ervin Arash Kamangir

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Fullname: Ervin Arash Kamangir
Race: Human /Heroic Spirit/ future Demi-God
A legendary great hero from Ancient Persia and the descendant of Fereydun. He’s referred to as the strongest archer. He was considered as the brave warrior of salvation who bestowed peace and tranquility to the people of Persia and Turan. He accomplished great feats saving the lives of thousands of people during battle. In Iran, it is said that his existence is observed on Tirgan during summer solstice. So, what is he doing in Skyrieverse? When his human life had been extinguished, he was taken to the heavens where he was promised the status of Demi-God if he would take on the task of being reincarnated as the servant of the pharaoh god Ozymandias (Dieguito C. Watch). He was sent to the human world to find this god who had taken on the form of a descendant of the Watch family and had forgotten his true origins. And so, after awakening in the borderlands (Escape from Otherworld). His quest was to find his master and remind him of who he was.

Personality: Cheerful and righteous. He’s kind and tolerant. He’s reliable and desires peace. He’s honest and rather loyal.

Likes: Chickpea paste.

// more, if necessary, will be added later. //

Alliance: In League with GSC