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    Helena, "You have such beautiful eyes." :) — Balder Hringhorn @sweetsugardemon

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    *Hikari was in Lunaris Cottontail Woodlands where she noticed all the beautiful bunnies and other odd rabbit-like creatures as she searched for Lady Helena. She was blessed that Tsuki-Tsuki had given her the path to find her queen.* I'll bring her back safely!

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    @skymarie Welcome back :)

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    *internally screams*

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    Good evening everyone. :)

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    Hey everyone letting you all know that today will be the last day I respond for a while. My dad had a heart attack and is in the hospital so I need to help him and my mom.

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    I have bad ass dreams. Here's an example of the one I just woke up from: There are 3 sisters (I think pokemon made it three as each had colors they were represented by yellow, blue, and red). They were leading a hide away for people who are different. (Like the mis something's home for peculiar children. Haven't seen it just the commerciald). Anyways, I was the mystic I think. In charge of most the adaptions of the students. the red one the head master type deal, and the yellow the councilor. We all decided to have a beach day with the followers and I had just unbeached a very thankful octopus (I have a tattoo of an octopus. Well two of them are in it) and then all the sudden it got stormy. Just as the red one flew the watj me I'd flown into the center and used mywizard powers to make my voice louder to call everyone out if the water but then this huge tidal wave appeared and there was no way people wouldn't get seriously hurt so I exerted a lot of strength and made it disappear into a fine must but along with the storm I too disappeared and am presumed dead, but I was actually in limbo. So my sisters are trying to train the next generation of 3 sisters as the fact there were three made us doo powerful (I think that was stolen from the show charmed) So I'm in a limbo state and there are others theretoo. Cursed to be there, trapped,or being given another chance for a heroic act. So there's this guy I meet that we're trying to figure out how this place works. He is the one who sold the curse to get me here and so was banished to eternity unless he were to find a way to make a heroic act from limbo. I don't know that though. Yes I said curse. Someone us out there and knew I'd do what I did. So there are two sisters in trouble.

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    I may have to remake my Skyrie guys . I lost the password to my email so if something happens I won't be able to reset it .

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    /////Admin A. Gaaaaaaaaahhhh! I feel so lost and feel I missed so much, would someone kindly catch me up on things? /////