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    //That moment when you can't remember how you created a new group, and you're wanting to create another new group xD

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    @phantasystar “Sharp as ever Emilia! You always did seem to find the right thing just needed to lift someone else’s mood” *She smiled at her as she had jumped into the air and landed beside her but then chuckled slightly as she had a look on her face that made Nagisa do something she very rarely did, she bursted out laughing as she saw her*

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    Looking for people to join a Ninja clan VS Ninja clan mob style war group. Evil or good side choose your side and your Ninjutsu major. (Just the separation of branches amoung the clan, but all come together as a team. Like the Military kind of) Frontal Assault: essentially infentry/protecters. Recon Ghost: Ghost for short, but these guys gather information on the missions. However, they are always busy and can't really watch their backs. Ghosts are paired with a frontal assault member. Guardian: Guardians mostly stay behind enimys lines on missions. Get away drivers kind of, but they also protect the their leaders back at bace or if they come out of the lair. (Security) Good side: theGreen Dragons led by Dying Sensa Jay Masters next Sensa Jason Masters. Bad side: Red Scorpions led by Newly appointed Master Darrick Harvenger. Darrick is a chemist of sicknesses.

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    Made it yay! Now i hope i can find my friend who rp as Mirai Kuriyama back on facebook and get to rp with her family again if they remember me of course. //

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    @tamaki Hey there my adorable little sister

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    @luckystar those i found for you as you asked.//

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    Remember we have a Discord channel. https://discord.gg/ctj2Jpc

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    *yawns* huh! I fell sleep on my way to the city. Geez! Alright, let's go then!

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    ** Arigato mia famiglia for the acceptance. I'm honored and hope to have plenty of fun with all of you! **

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    Good morning everyone. I saw the ARK extinction trailer, and their is quite a bit to do in the next dlc.

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