Introduce yourself

    • Katie Forester
    • #144215

      this is for people that want to be a yo kai so please introduce yourself to us if your a yo kai or human

    • #144254

      Hi everyone, my name’s Apple ^-^
      I’m not really yokai or human, but am closer to being human. I’m actually a Swarmling (original race I made up) and Katie got me a yokai watch!
      My favourite yokai from the series are of course the bugs like Cadin and Enerfly, so I will probably be collecting medals from them mostly.
      Happy to be here and try this out. It seems fun ^w^

    • Kyouko Kasodani
    • #144281

      Alright, well I’m Kyouko the yamabiko. We’re rank D yokai so you need one watch upgrade to be able to see me in yokai city. I’d be from the Charming tribe and if I inspirit someone it causes them to raise their voice whether they want to or not.

    • #144282

      Mystia here, rank D night sparrow yokai! I’m from the Shady tribe and I only really hang around the city when it’s dark. If I inspirit someone at night, their vision gets worse. Oh I also love singing so if you hear a kid singing but can’t see anyone then it might be me. This should be fun >:3