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      If you have any questions or requests, this is the place to post them. 

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      Since they’re fish people, can they change sex?  Cuz there’re fish that do that.

      At what point do discoverers stop training?

      Can people make up the history, technology level, & culture or is there something specific you have in mind?

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      Let’s say that they cannot change sex, because it would probably make it a little confusing for people who may potentially join, but you can start the off what ever gender you want: (girl, boy, none, etc).

      The question about the discoverers is a really good question, I am a klutzy admin that forgot to add that :). I would make it after 1 year, and then they become beginners and get promoted from there.

      The last question, is another thing klutzy admin should probably add.

      History: Well the history of the underwater people is pretty basic actually, they are a pretty new species that started out like 300 years ago. The first case of a genetically modified humanoid was in a small town, no one knows how they became like that, they just did… It is part of the reason why they had to retreat underwater, regular humans wanted to experiment on them, and the underwater people ended up fighting with the basic humans.

      Technology: They have a pretty advance tech level, and are able to do thing like cloning, and teleportation.

      Culture: Since they originated from the human race, they have pretty much similar cultures, as there are not specific tribes yet.

      This is just a basis though, if anyone wants to elaborate more on culture, and maybe start a tribe, and cause rebellions and stuff… that is completely up to them.

      (As a discoverer) You are allowed to create new supernatural inventions, but you have to include a process of invention.


      This is like all in my notes in my journal…. I am so stupid sometimes…..





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      Hey there Nikki. Im pretty new to this “rp” thing so i had some questions. The Character bio.  Name,age, Gender, etc are pretty self explanatory.

      But what does : Personality, Genetic Alterations and utilities mean?  Thanks in advance.



      ~Alfien Lienz

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      Personality: This is like where you describe how your character acts or behaves. Like if they are hard-headed, submissive, annoying, etc.


      Genetic Alterations: In my RP you are mutated in some way like “gills”, this category also includes any powers your character may have like “teleportation” or “telekinesis”.


      Utilities: This is where you put any weapons or things you character always has, like a whip or a simple wrench.. whatever they start out with is what you put in here.