Rules (Yeah Sorry)

    • MaraTwasHere
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      1. No ganging up on one character constantly, and if someone asks you outside of the Role-Play to leave their character alone please listen to them.

      2. Balanced characters–I don’t mind you having bad-ass powers, but I want to see some equal flaws too. More than personality flaws against actual abilities. (I’ll let you know if there’s a problem with your character privately)

      3. Sex. A steamy make out is fine, but once you guys start heading “south” then take it into a private chat. Let’s keep this as PG-13 as possible.

      4. Familiar’s and their Wizards/Witches shouldn’t have a “perfect relationship” from the start. Just saying.

      5. Everyone will play a familiar and a wizard or witch.

      6. Have fun! This will be “Chapter 1” where you guys choose your familiars, but when you’re ready to continue we will go onto “Chapter 2” which is whatever the RP has produced by just going along, or a planned event through the school.

      Questions? Concerns? PM me! I love feed back and am more than happy to make things clear with you.

    • Jazzy
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      alrighty then!!!!

      “Raptors can be asses.”-Chris Pratt

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      ” light and dark as one” -Hans