New Familiars:

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      Name: Abilard

      Age: 30

      Gender: Male

      Creature: bunny

      Appearance: light brown fur, black eyes, semi floppy ears.

      Abilities: can drink a hell a ton of alcohol and be fine, Super strong, has a last resort form that makes him change to a jackrabbit with little deer horns that acts like an indestructible tank but in this state he has an Akillies heel, literally if you bump his heel he collapses.

      Background: he originated in Ireland but traveled to the school of binding to hopefully bond and eventually end his life along side his bonded. He feels like living forever is like rotting in a hole, if you have a limit on your life that’s living to him.

      Extra: Can’t swim

      Extra: he is not very good at first impressions but once he warms up to someone he turns soft and actually caring towards them from time to time.

      Extra: May hide a little flask of alcohol in his fur sometimes.

    • MaraTwasHere
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      Name: Lonan
      Age: Unknown (Long time)
      Gender: Male
      Creature: Black feathered dragon with purple markings
      Appearance: Sharp blue eyes, black leathery skin with dark-purple feathers coating over the wings, head, and light purple tail feathers,
      Background: Lonan means “little black-bird” in Ireland where he originally fell from Darkness to. “Darkness” or “Darkous” is a place–a different dimension, almost, that Lonan came from. The dimension consists mostly of mythical creatures and animals with Dark attributes. Lonan always felt as though he was missing something compared to the other creatures of his dimension, but couldn’t begin to understand what it was and for many long years ignored the yearning thinking it was unnatural or some lonesome problem. The usual attributes that might have come to creatures to know they were familiars didn’t occur with him, as a mythical creature who already could speak and have powers–Which is why mythical creatures as familiars are quite rare. One day, however, when he had even surpassed the rate of death without aging a year past his prime he realized something was off about him, and went to the human world to discover what. Here, Lonan learned the concept of familiars, and lurks about the academy in wonder…simply waiting..

      Abilities: Light magic, Dark magic, Camouflage, Ability to change size, Fire,

      Extra: Switching between Light magic and Dark magic too quickly tired him out to the point of passing out, Fire magic is his primary use for attacking larger attacks or defensive magic is where Light and Dark magic comes in. He has a vast amount of knowledge of his world, magic, and mostly darkous magic.

      Extra: Lonan is very wise and has this great sense of possibilities. He is open to ideas and is very in-depth with conversation and often is known to quote people or say sayings from his world or this one.


    • Jazzy
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      (this is going to be great)

      Name: Orisn

      Age: 18

      Gender: Male

      Creature: A large Grizzly Bear

      Appearance: a large golden colored grizzly bear, with big brown eyes. His snout is long, but stubby. He is not all brown. Only some parts of his body are, otherwise he is golden. Orisn has a big black wet nose and is really fluffy and soft.

      Abilities: Very strong and smart. He can stand the heat and coldness. Orion also has water powers.

      Background: Orisn grew up in some woods and knew he had powers, blah blah blah…he came here to be a familiar!

      Extra: He loves when people ride on his back and cuddle with him.

      Extra: Mostly in a good mood, just don’t piss him off.