Classes Examples:

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      Transfiguration: Taught By Mr. Plum – The act of turning a physical object or thing into something else. “I will have no one changing anyone else into black swans. That was the joke of your upperclassmen last year, but it will not happen again!”

      Charms: Taught By Miss. Daisy – Charms are a spoken spell that sometimes includes mixtures of dry herbs to get reactions out of others through smell. Charms can also be objects that put people under a type of spell or curse. “Charms are fun. They’re like fashion, almost. A distinct smell, a distinct sparkle of a jewel…it invokes emotion from others…You just have to figure out how to pour your energy in, and what kind.”

      Illusionary – Taught by Ms. Claude – Inflicting visions onto target, or holograms in their actual vision, also creating a type of lucid dream to your will on someone else when asleep. “Illusions are not quite as perky and sprite-ish as charms, or either right or wrong like transfiguration. Here, your spirit and energy mixed with the ancient magic in your blood will make things in your mind a type of…reality. Here, your dreams will come true in a sense.”

      Potions/Gardening/Alchemy- Taught By Mrs. Plum – Alchemy is a mixture of ingredients (usually drinkable), that can do multiple useful things. Potions can be used as healing toxins, pain killers, or changing’s one appearance for a long period of time temporary. “Just like how every plant needs the right amount of water, sunlight, and dirt, potions need the right amount of troll’s blood and gnome nose hairs…Well…I think you sort of get the jest of it.”

      Familiar & Student conditioning: Multiple teachers- Energy levels honing, fighting together, working alongside each other in scenarios, and down right physical conditioning. (Note: This course cannot be taken until a familiar and witch are bonded, and once they have the course is required.) “Anything with your familiar is a good thing. Strengthening your bond until your souls become one.”

      Ritual magic-Mr. Franklin- using supplies such as candles, pure salt, and other items to create a circle on the ground. Ritual magic is used to crack open hard spells, summoning beings, and capturing beings. Ritual magic usually takes a long time to set up and perform however.

      Circle magic- Mr. Gregor- the act of knowing a common spell and holding hands to allow energy to flow more freely through one another. (Familiars generally tune themselves into their witch or wizard’s energies). Bringing everyone’s energy in tune make spells more effective and strong. Circle magic is successful in casting powerful destructive spells, breaking wards or spells (not as affective as ritual magic) and creating a ward of protection around one another.

      “We are not like the shapeshifters. Strength does not only come from within, but from within each other.”

      Study hall – Just as the name suggests.

      “This is the library…need I tell you to shut your pie hole one more time I will send you as room service to the dragon familiar upstairs!”

      Ice Breakers – Ms. Cornflower –  Class where familiars and students get to know each other, and work together to see which work together best. (Basically help speed the process of bonding along.)

      “There is no need to be shy, familiars, witches and warlocks. We spell casters are usually the life of the party!”

      Spellsinging- Ms. Lagoona- The ability to enchant, or lure, something to do something against its will by putting them in a trance like state.

      “I know I am not a witch, but I expect everyone to know that I am the best spell singer of them all.”

      (Suggestion for classes are more than welcome!)

      (Note: 6 classes are optional for you to take but at least 4 are required. When bonding has begun most time will be put into Student & Familiar and is optional for students and familiars to take 2 other classes)