• cass coltheart
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      Name: Alice mardaceus


      Abilities:excels at transfiguration, can change own body parts as well as inanimate objects

      Background: Alice was born in Greece but her parents sent her to the school as they were magic users themselves and expected the same of her.

      Extra:impatient, so not very good at ritual and cirle magic


    • cass coltheart
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      Age: 712

      Creature: golden eagle

      Abilities: can make most objects almost weightless (but…within reason . he cant pick up houses) and can manipulate the weather, to a degree.

      Extra: can be a bit self centred at times. Hates lizards.


    • Andi Wolf
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      Name: Leo

      Age: 16

      Abilities: Can make his drawings come to life (so he is a pretty good artist), he works with dark magics as well, from being able to summon the death to being able to control shadows.

      Height: 5’4

      Appearance: Leo has shaggy red hair that falls in his face. Has golden eyes and pale skin. Normally can been seen without any shoes on (Since he sees no need for them), always has a black hoodie on with the hood up almost all the time. He usually wears short sleeve shirts with some kind of graphic design on it, and jeans with large holes on the knees or at the bottom (since he isn’t the tallest he steps on his jeans a lot)

      Background: Leo didn’t have the best life growing up. His dad was a drunk that didn’t give a crap about the family unless they gave him money. He never really got to see his mom since she had to work 2 jobs just so they could stay in their small apartment. At school Leo was one of the main targets of getting picked on thanks to his small stature. Thanks to this he has stopped trying to make friends with people and usually keeps to himself. If he does become friends with you then you have earn his trust.

      Extra: Keeps his nose either in his art book or a regular book. He loves to read fictional books about mythical creatures or real ones (give or take). He tends to draw these creatures the most.


      Name: Festus

      Gender: Male

      Age: 116 years old

      Creature: Dire wolf

      Appearance: Get black fur, blood red eyes that seem as if they are looking into your soul.

      Abilities: Festus can speak english but doesn’t care to all the time. He can shadow run to anywhere as long as it’s night time there.

      Background: Festus was born in Scotland and quickly learned how to fend for himself since he was the runt of his family. As he got older he started to look for a human to bond with but without any success. One day in his such he came across The School Of Binding and has left since. Hoping to find a human to bond with one day.

      Extra: Festus is friendly when you get to know him but most people wouldn’t know. Thanks to his large size and dark aura people try to avoid him at all costs. So he seems depressed most of the time and tries to stay out of peoples way.