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      Here’s where you can converse about who you want to bond with until coming to an agreement. If I see a familiar and a witch getting along, I may suggest your pairing up. No one will be familiar or witchless according to the rules. Thanks!

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      The bonded ceremony is more so of an announcement that two are bonded (which is almost physically noticeable for witches as they’re hyper sensitive to auras and so on). To actually bind yourself to someone can happen 3 different ways.

      The Old fashioned way when a familiar and student are very connected and spend so much time together they ’accidentally’ bond. They can tell, however, that they’ve bonded by feeling an astral connection between them. Bonded’s auras also tend to overlap or mesh together and stretch between the space they’re apart (hence as to why telepathy works long distances with bonded).

      2. The familiar and student consciously decide they want to be bonded and go to the headmistress who will bind them. However, binding does not always work as ”the old fashioned way” was how binding happens naturally. If two are not compatible in binding, their auras will reject each other and the process will be broken. (Just to make it lore friendly that witches or familiars dont choose their bonded. I think a lot of people will go the old fashioned way, though.)

      3. The witch or familiar independently bind themselves together through an ancient, unknown spell shared between them. This usually occurs in souls of witches and familiars that have been bonded in past lives.

      NOTE: When a witch and Familiar binds its not uncommon for the familiar or witch to see lights, the astral plains,have tingly body parts, or witness their auras melding together.

      (If you are confused or have seen I have left something unclear, please contact me! :) )

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      • Aaron (Panther): Age: 70. Gender: Male. Powers: Greenery Manipulation, Speedy. Ex: Cannot tolerate fire. (OPEN)
      • Raven (Dragon): Age: N/A. Gender: Male. Powers: Breathe acid, fire, swimmer. Ex: Can stay small but grow large. (OPEN)
      • Aurora (Arctic Fox): Age: 99. Gender: Female. Powers: Ice magic, speed running, soul-singing, Ex: None. (OPEN)
      • Lumos (Albino Red Panda): Age: 56. Gender: Male. Powers: Invisibility, lighting up nose. Ex: Massages tail when nervous. (OPEN)
      • Ignis (Swift): Age: 2 years. Gender: Male. Powers: Fast flying, echolocation, manipulation of light. Ex: Ignis means “light”. (OPEN)
      • Monty: (Python): Age: 37 Million Yrs. Gender: Male. Powers: Speaks any language, can adjust size. Ex: Quite closed off. (OPEN)
      • Zebain (Gray Wolf): Age: 23. Gender: Male. Powers: Changes fur into flames. Ex: Enjoys head pats & back scratches. (OPEN)
      • Nami (9 Tailed Fox): Age: 4. Gender: Female. Powers: Mess with fire and water. Ex: Very large (Dire Wolf large). (OPEN)
      • Calcifer (Red Wolf): Age: 2 years. Gender: Male. Powers: Electricity. Ex: Quite small, cloud rider, high jumper. (OPEN)
      • Flash (Galápagos tortoise): Age: 14,000. Gender: Male. Powers: Hyper intelligent, Memory well developed, Speaks every language. (OPEN)
      • Sib (Crow): Age: N/A. Gender: Male. Powers: Amplify magic spells, fire spells, recon. Ex: Sib is actually a nice guy rather bad omen. (OPEN)

      Here are the familiars that are open. For further information, look in the characters. List of students will be added later. Student and familiar suggestions from yours truly will be added later. Please comment on this post, PM me, or whoever the familiar belongs to if you are interested in them. Thank you!

      This is all just pointless.