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      Species(cold one, sunbeast,human,etc)
      I want to tell you all right now that you can be here (with my group) as a spy but you and/or any other spies will be in charge of maintaining spy events, not me or other players, and you can’t get mad if you get ‘caught’.

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      Lionel Grise


      Short and lithe for his age, lots of freckles all over, light skinned with curly, shoulder length red-brown hair. Has full subconjunctival hemorrhages in both eyes from the air pollution but it doesn’t affect his vision too severely. Wears shorts, a long sleeved t shirt, and a ski vest and galoshes. Carries a backpack with stuff he collects.


      Not a great sense of morals but distrusts non humans since he lost his parents when they were forcibly converted to firekin. Currently under Enigma’s care and is loyal to her.

      No powers aside from his youthful agility, typical human weaknesses, is more sensitive to the pollution than other humans, but then, he spends more time around firekin and cold ones too, which certainly isn’t the best thing for a child.

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      The Enigma


      White hair and gold eyes, wears a mask on her head but not her face. Clothes vary, although she always wears a scarf and some sort of jacket or coat. Thin, average height all muscle. Somehow stays pale no matter how much sun she gets. Short, wild hair. Appears to be about 16.


      Wants some peace and quiet, BAMN. Has no problem stealing or killing. Usually goes by Eni. Takes in/kidknaps/steals humans, firekin, and cold ones alike.

      Strong magic user, shapeshifter,and telepath. Gets bad tempered and weak in arctic conditions, completly loses power for a period of time if frozen in ice.

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      Name: Taren
      Age: 14
      Appearance: Young boy with brownhair/eyes, computerized glasses, shirt with gear, black hole, and fire on it, wristlet with strange blue stone in it, black shoes with one stripe on each, with a red star on the stripe, can also take the form of a red-and-white Lucario while keeping the wristlet, shirt, glasses, and shoes (if that’s not allowed I can take it out)
      Species: Firekin?
      Affinity: Likes video games, helping any interdimensional versions of his apprentice Edern, fighting for justice, training with his powers, conversing with interdimensional beings
      Powers/Weaknesses: Taren can freely control fire, time, and space. This might be great, except for one thing. Water can be devastating to him, which makes swimming hard. Luckily, he can put up a fire shield when he absolutely HAS to swim, which evaporates the water before it hits him. His favorite power is his speed, thanks to some properties he added to his shoes, along with flight. If the shoes come off, he can’t fly or run as fast. He is also able to phase between dimensions, a power that isn’t working currently for some reason. Anyway, he can use his computerized glasses to talk to people from other dimensions, like Sonic, John Egbert, and others. (This can also be taken out.) At the very least, he prefers to keep secret from natives of other dimensions, getting involved only when something goes wrong.

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      Name: Ava EisMädchen

      Age(approx.): Unknown

      Appearance: Icy white skin, Long white hair usually kept up in a tight bun, Dark blue eyes, Appears to be in her late teens, wears pale blue lightweight clothing underneath a pale blue jacket created from breathable (I mean moving) ice.

      Species: Frealen/Cold One hybrid (ie A Frealen knocked up a human female and then turned his baby daughter…that arsehole…This Frealen attempted to change Ava’s mother but the process killed her. Ava later killed him revenge for her mother’s death.)

      Affinity: Dislikes males, blaming every man for her fathers behavior. Attempts to avoid contact with others and would rather freeze a person instead of talking to them.

      Powers/Weaknesses: Controls all forms of water. Is able to animate snow and change the shape of ice due to physic abilities. Weapon of choice: Ice daggers.

      ((Haha, I have probably watched The Snowmen DW episode one too many times…XDD))

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      Demetrius is tall, around 6’3″, with wavy dark brown hair that falls around his shoulders, but he usually wears it up. He has dark green eyes and a thick beard (groomed, not wild and long). He’s strong and built, mainly from doing manual labor to help others survive in this destroyed world). He dresses simply, in a fitted t-shirt and jeans, items he’s okay with getting dirty.

      He’s human, but if any Sunbeasts or Frealens would like to come along and change him, it’d be a fun twist in the story ;)

      Demetrius lives in a small colony of humans trying to survive the desolate world. Demetrius does his best to be a provider; he builds shelters and finds food and does anything he cane to protect the others that he lives with. He grew up taking care of his frail mother, so all he knows is how to take care of others. He worries about himself last, and will put himself in danger if it means protecting a member of one of the surviving humans. He fears what will happen if all the humans are turned by the sunbeasts or the frealens.

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      Name: Isenbourn or Isen (pronounced Ees-sen) for short

      Age: Around the 24 mark but thats a guess really

      Appearance: Isen is 6ft2 and has pale blue eyes that can sparkle with both warmth and a cutting chill all at the same time. His mousey brown/dirty blonde hair is short cropped and pulled to the side to give it a slight combover but its more a cowlick, in terms of facial hair he is close shaven. In regards to the rest of his appearance Isen wears simple, light blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a sheepskin jacket; on his feet Isen wears heavy duty boots. He is not gaunt, nor is he a hulking lump; the best description for him is wiry with quite distinct long legs.

      Species: He is or was human but is now Icekin; he cant remember who changed him or why.

      Powers/Weaknesses: Isen can generate and shatter incredibly dense ice around him, be it as an appendage or otherwise; his ice cannot be broken or melted by conventional means and he can only shatter his own ice. He uses his ice forming in varieties of ways either to create bridges or paths or weapons such as ice projectiles or turning his arms into swords. His main form of both traveling and attacking is by generating ice paths to slide on which greatly increase his speed, when close to his target he will use this speed to increase his attack power with his handblades or other closecombat techniques. He is a practised martial artist following the tenants of Jeet Kune Do but if forced back is also fairly accurate with ice shards he can generate from his hands.

      In terms of weaknesses his main one is heat, while not meltable his ice loses any edge it has when heat is applied which also can affect his paths where they become a lot harder for him to keep his balance. He can of course be overcome by more conventional means.

      Now for a bit of background because why not: Isenbourn has no recollection of how he became who he is. He remembers waking up on top of a building surrounded by rubble and bodies, nothing more, nothing less. Since then he has being traveling around the world meeting various people who taught him language, martial arts, culture and most importantly how to control his powers. He discovered early on it is best to have a hobby and one that pays, as such he is a bounty hunter; a successful one at that. He doesn’t know what it is he is searching for.

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      Din Masters

      30 (converted around 15)

      Average height and weight, has a somewhat muscular body, Red-Like skin and black hair usually wears blue gi with fire patterns but changes usually or when needed.


      Din used to be a black belt in kung fu but turning changed all that. Becoming a firekin almost killed him and after surviving everyone left him, at first he hated his kind but once his camp was almost destroyed by cold ones he realized through the destruction how everyone is suffering. Ultimately he became a thief and sword for hire while not picking sides

      Strengths:Can control fire and uses it to fly and make new weapons. As for his fighting style, he uses traditional kung-fu and enhances his moves with fire he also likes to spice up his flames with sneak attacks and dirty tricks

      Weaknesses harmed by water, becomes unstable around lots of ice, not the best at flame projection over his other fire skills

      ((same name different personality))

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      Name: Daeleon ‘Leon’ McHowels

      Age: 92 (Was converted at 19)

      Appearance: Leon is a teen who stands at 5’9″, and weighs 208 lbs. She has red-brown hair , which is curly, fluffy, pretty wild, and stops just at her jawline. She has many freckles on her face, most of them around her cheeks, and she has noticeable bags under her eyes. She also lost her left incisor, so there is a gap.
      She wears a simple black T-shirt and black jeans that tend to hang low around her hips. She wears tan work boots. She wears a pair of goggles, but she either lets them hand around her neck or uses them like a headband to keep her bangs out of her eyes, and wears black racing gloves almost all of the time.

      Species: Firekin

      Affinity: Leon appreciates a good tussle. She also loves a good tune, and any sort of chocolate-y delight. She also loves children.
      She also likes people who do not piss her off to her extent, because she becomes hella scary at this point.

      Powers/Weaknesses: Aside from regular shooting fire out of anywhere, Leon has become somewhat aware of just how powerful she might be:
      Volcanic Conjuring: She can make a mini-volcano for emergencies, and cool it down on a whim in case she needs a shield for herself or others. This takes a lot out of her, and hurts her depending on how big she makes the volcano.
      Shooting Stars: Using a double-barrel shot gun, she can hone her energy in it and shoot out fire balls. The hot balls of energy look somewhat like stars.

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      Name: Xander Arthur

      Appearance Black hair and black eyes, wears long sleeved t-shirts, often with blue or black jeans. Also dresses formally, with a plaid shirt and khakis. About 5 foot three inches tall. Pale skin, wishes he was taller

      Species: cold one

      Affinity: Is a great tactician, though he doesn’t like to manipulate people, believes in pacifism, but also that some  things have to be fought for. He tries to be open to others, although his basic nature is shy. Has a sense of right/wrong but often fails to implement it.

      Powers/Weaknesses – even as a cold one, dislikes intense cold, so his power is undermined. Mercurial form – Can solidify vapor that touches him to form extensions of ice. He can manipulate these like limbs, which mostly sprout from his back. He can cover himself in ice, changing both his physical size and appearance, to so much of an extent that he can appear as another person.

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      Personality: Fiery, easily annoyed, always suspicious, loud, proud, courageous, passionate

      Back ground: Blaise was the daughter of a general for the great war. She, like her fire-kin father, had red hair and gold-red eyes. When she was younger her father taught her military tactics such as hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting. When she was older he presented her with the family heirloom ‘Fire Sword’ called Pyralis, meaning “of fire”. She and the talking sword have been partners since, and as she is prideful and cocky she often sneaked out at night with Pyra to hunt for “cold-ones”.
      Eyes: Gold-red
      Age: Sixteen
      Height: 5’2
      Weight: 120
      Likes: Pyralis, her father, her mother, her overall life, the firekin,
      Dislikes: the cold-ones, indecisive people, loafers, bossy people, and hot heads like herself.

      Weakness/Disadvantages: Easily provoked, passionate fighter (will die in battle), fights a lot, impulsive, rash, (the list goes on..)

      Abilites: Controlling fire, channeling fire into objects, she has more speed, able to control the magma under ground which can split the earth..

      (This Rp looks pretty cool! Sorry if the entry is a bit long or if I missed something…I did not see any rules posted yet ^^. Let me know if you have any problems with my chara, and if I’m accepted.)


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      All characters up to this point are accepted and may enter the rp.

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      ((Omg what’s that a new character. Yes, yes it is. Given it was a year since the last one was made I thought a new one would be cool, or not. Hot damn those puns.))

      Name: Nuria Ya Zaahir Or Nuri for short

      Age: Appears to be about 19 – 21

      Species: Firekin

      Appearance: He has short, tousled hair through which only brief glimpses of his bright golden eyes sparkle; his glare is like the sun and just as brilliant, scarring those who stare for too long. He wears a fairly thick button up v-neck white t-shirt which shows off his muscles and a pair of loose fitting trousers rolled up at the ankles. After burning through too many pairs of shoes he has now decided to go barefoot, the heat he produces has hardened the soles of his feet so he doesn’t have problems navigating his way around, except if there’s lego on the floor.

      Personality: Nuri is light hearted and jovial most of the time; able to pull a joke in the most dire of situations. However he is often considered a fool by others, especially for not taking situations like the war seriously, a sour and unjust reflection on his intelligence and not at all indicative of his cleverness. This demeanor however changes when he is in a fight and he often loses control of himself, to the point of which he offhandedly destroyed a township while trying to hunt down a cold one; thus earning him the title Nuria Ya Zaahir of the Scorched Earth.

      Background: Nuri is a pure blood firekin and is a part of a guerilla-style platoon of Firekin that travel hunting down the cold ones in the Sunbeast Territory. The group is fairly autonomous but still follow a chain of command as well as taking part in the occasional big battle.

      Abilities: Nuri manipulates fire and heat on his hands and feet and uses predominantly close quarters combat to take down enemies. He uses the fire and heat to dramatically increase the pressure and force of his limbs and can drastically increase the power of his hits as well as the speed and range of his movements. He can create a lot of pressure quite quickly however it should be noted that every hit diminishes (only very slightly) the power of future attacks. It should also be noted that on the flipside of that by biding his time he can create even more pressure than normal to unleash far more devastating attacks. His fighting style is mainly capoeira inspired Jeet Kune Do, fast, fluid and brutal but observant at the same time, however he can use the force of the pressure to direct both flames and waves of force over fairly short distances (his proudest accomplishment is destroying a tree at 3 metres) ; the downside being the further the distance the less effective this ability is.

      ((And now in honour of that fantastic quote at the end of @maratwashere ‘s character I’m gonna put my own in from Murukami’s After Dark))

      ‘To the fire they’re nothing but scraps of paper. It’s the exact same thing. Important memories, not-so important memories, totally useless memories: there’s no distinction – they’re all just fuel.’

    • WRAITH
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      Name: Gekido
      Age(approx.): 17
      Appearance:  shortish straight black hair, he always wears sunglasses { because his eyes glow a deep red and he’s self-conscious about it ( if you do get to see them their silted like a dragon’s eye ) }, wears gloves with metal spikes at the knuckles and when he starts to get angry the spikes glow red hot, he’s 5’7, extremely pale skin but at the same time it glows a faint red, black trench coat, black pants, black army boots, red shirt, shark like teeth ( he sharpens them everyday ).
      Species(cold one, sunbeast,human,etc): Firekin.
      Affinity : Chaotic Neutral
      Powers : Has a sword that he can channel his anger through. he can create a fiery vortex that he can ride/send flying at people.

      Weaknesses : If he gets too angry without his sword he’ll pass out.

      only with sunglasses