• Xallacasor
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      Post your characters below! This should reflect yourself, your ideas and your personalities, so make it as close to you as possible. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like sharing that much, that’s part of your personality; and part of your character in turn.

      I’ll start with an example of mine, so just in case you are unsure or lost, you can follow along and base yours off of mine.

      Name: Zach

      Age: 15

      Skills: likes to doodle, and is particularly skillful with math and science, but also has a deep fondness for the mysteries and marvels of magic.

      Personality: while happy, Zach remains a carefree and wild attitude, with confidence bordering on narcissism. However, in the case that Zach gets sad, he becomes mellow and more laid back, moving more slowly and with less determination.

      Magic: wields elemental magic with a basic degree of proficiency, depending on his mood. While happy, he can wield fire magic, and while sad he can wield ice and water based magic. However, there is a limit to his magic, and a small one at that. Anything more than a fireball or a small torrent of water will exhaust Zach, making him tired and unable to wield magic for the rest of the day.

    • Ashleigh Marie
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      Name: Ashleigh

      Age: 16

      Skills: loves to write stories and draw cartoons and anime characters, but also loves reading to increase her knowledge or vocabulary. Has a passion to become a nurse or a vet.

      Personality: Quiet, kind, and caring towards others. Always happy except when something is wrong. Can be hurt or sad very easily with one wrong word or phrase to insult her. Motivated to do anything she loves.

      Magic: Holds a magical element to help others at least heal or stop bleeding. Anything bigger than that, she grows tired. Uses it to heal any small cuts or small injuries like bruises.

    • Wake
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      Name: Windy.

      Skills: Isn’t good at much.  Likes to draw, spends most of the time online or drawing, can play guitar a little, other than that has no special skills or redeeming qualities.

      Personality: Prefers to be alone more than with anyone else, doesn’t make very strong relationships with people, but is friendly. Has a sense of humor, but not the best one, almost compulsively makes anime references and your mom jokes. Can get excited easily, but is also kinda shy or snarky sometimes.

      Magic: Telekinesis, cant really lift things heavier than 10 or 15 lbs.

    • Chris the wise
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      Name: Chris

      Skills: Enjoys painting and fiddling with puzzles and models.

      Personality: Enjoys relaxing and being warm. While he does have trouble making friends, once he does he holds the close to his heart. He smiles easily and holds a varied sense of humour and music.

      Magic: Can craft short little golems out oh rocks and sticks etc. Nothing too big though.

    • Jazzy
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      Name: Jasmine (Jazzy)

      Age: (whatever you’d like it to be, same with looks)

      Skills: Is good at hiding, likes to draw, is smart in most things, although math is not her strong point. Likes to solve problems (non-math problems though) and write things. Amazing at throwing things and getting the shot.

      Personality: Is happy, perky, and gets excited over small things. She is pretty chill, and sometimes can get mad. She likes her hide her feeling when sad, can cry easily. Snappy when feeling like it.

      Magic: Not very harmful sparks can come out of her hands and mild electricity. But, it gets her tired easily and can cause numbing in her hands for long moments. (Haha, like in my hip/thigh and back.)

    • Kit Apparently
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      Name: Katherine (Kit)

      Age: Nearly eighteen

      Skills: Excellent at art, writing, and screaming “I’LL FITE U”. Katherine also considers herself quite the cat whisperer, so that I guess.

      Personality:  Loud, a bit of a sadist and the tiniest bit paranoid. Never cries. Okay, not in front of people. ALL RIGHT SHE HIDES SOMEWHERE TO CRY. But it takes a lot to get her to that point. Most of the time she’s happy if a bit mean.

      Magic: Conjuration, I guess? She can draw things, and if she understands them well enough, she can summon them for small periods of time- but she can summon actual sodas for indefinite amounts of time for some reason.

    • Tom Blanc
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      Name: Callaxasor (Callie)

      Age: 16

      Skills: fond of reading, decorum, and chronicling, to an obsessiveness.

      Personality: Often quiet, it is quite clear whenever she wants something. Her voice is emotional and she doesn’t like to hold back the fact that all she’d want is a good story.

      Magic: Restorative magic that can warm hearts (or superheat them) or cure fatigue.

    • Max
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      Name: Maxine
      Gender: Female, but she likes to be referred by he online.
      Age: 15
      Skills: Writing, drawing, is amazing ability to sing not at all/sing really bad, she’s able to make a farting sound with her hands. She loves to colour hair, she’s gotten pretty good at it. She’s also like extremely good at pokemon.
      Looks: Dirty blonde hair that looks more brown then blonde, especially when wet.  Her blue eyes look more green then blue, but they are indeed blue.
      Personality: Ugh, she hates thinking about her personality. It’s not like it hurts her, but it’s more like she can’t think of her own personality very well. She’s nice to nice people, she’s rude to people that are either rude to her, or to people she doesn’t know. Well, it’s not like she’s rude to people she doesn’t know, but more like she gets a gut feeling she wouldn’t get along with them very well, and then she gets slightly more rude to them as to other people. She’s been trying to get out of her pervy thoughts, but they come back every so often. She’s a full christian, but it’s not like she’s lecture you on the bible or anything, don’t worry. She’s a bit of a scaredy cat, so she tries not to do many adventurous things in the real world. She’ll definitely be more eccentric online. Oh, she also hates typing, pencil and paper are more her thing.
      Magic: She has the ability to bring one army of hot guys a day for a not very long period of time, or one or two hot guys for a much longer period of time. Oh, and they’re her’s, not yours.