~Opening Ceremony~

    • Paxmaveiti
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      “It is my sincerest hope that we will all have a wonderful year together.”

      A woman’s voice filled the auditorium. That’s how she preferred to run things. Heard but not seen was her motto. The headmistress continued on outlining the rules and policies of the school. Every students PDA lit up with its first announcement of the year. It was a simple demonstration to show the students how important their PDA’s would be.

      “You’re teachers will go more in depth at tomorrows first class. I would like the first years to remain in the auditorium, everyone else you are dismissed for the day. First years will tour the school and afterward report to their homeroom classes to receive their schedules.”

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      “What even is this place?” Emmaline’s eyes widen in awe, staring around at the room then at her PDA. “She must be using some type of loud speaker…” She stands absently, waiting for the other first years to stay in the auditorium as the others walk out.

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      Gin stands idly by, not really sure of what’s going on but not questioning anything.  The loud speaker lady sounded like she was giving a orientation but was nowhere to be seen.  If only there were a giant holographic head on center stage — it’d be just like Oz.

      She tugs her blazer and shorts down into place.  She may not be comfortable in this place and around all these peculiar people, but by the atmosphere of her upperclassmen she supposes it’s not that bad of a place and she’ll get used to it in due time.  Catching the last of the disembodied voice’s speech, Gin checks her PDA and waits for the tour to proceed.

    • Max
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      Max got up from his chair and walked out of the auditorium. He was a second year after all. The day’s dismissed, maybe I should finish that book I was reading…He thought, walking over to the tree he always sat in. He climbed up easy and got comfortable on a branch. He brought out his PDA and scrolled through all the books and stories he had on it.
      Finally finding it, he started to read.

    • Peridot
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      Logan looked around with noticeable confusion but was heartened to hear that the other “first years” looked just as confused as he did. He did not remember signing up for some kind of school or program and also did not quite understand how he had gotten here in the first place. The last thing the teen remembered was double-checking and styling his hair in the mirror before suddenly finding himself in the courtyard with a bunch of other confused people. Thank goodness he still had his cape and the reassuring weight of his headphones wrapped around his neck and subwoofing out a reassuring rhythm of bass and drums to any standing directly near him.

      A soft blue light glowed from his pants pocket as his PDA lit up and revealed the Headmistress’ announcement. It looked like he’d be getting further instruction and hopefully an explanation from the device. His dark brown eyes skimmed over the words, and his brow furrowed in confusion at the end of the message. A syllabus? “What type of classes are they teaching us here?” He muttered out loud to himself in bewilderment.

    • Paxmaveiti
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      One of the second years, Artemis was standing in one of the doorways. She was wearing a bright red sash so that she would be visible to the other students but her wolf ears and tail might have been enough to make her stand out anyway. She was also wearing a whistle which she blew on as she waved her hand to get the attention of the students.

      “First Years, your tour guide is here! Please gather this way!”

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      “How did I even get here-? No matter.” She trudges over to Artemis’s direction, shoving her PDA hastily in her pocket.

    • Peridot
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      Logan raised an eyebrow at the appearance of their tour guide. Were those ears and tail part of a costume? He had heard of plenty of girls dressing up like animals, namely foxes and cats, for a variety of reasons. Then again, was there a chance those parts could be real? It was unheard of and crazy to have actual working features like that, and brought in a few interesting questions about her parentage but who was he to talk?

      With a shrug, Logan pocketed his PDA and grooved his way over to Artemis, moving in step with the song stuck in his head while his feet glided along the ground in a silent moonwalk. “So what exactly is this place, O’ Tour Guide?”

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      Gin walks over to Artemis thinking this place is a bit like an anime convention.  There’s all these people for one, and a lot of them are wearing a weird amalgamation of clothing and hair colors.  Now there’s even a kind of neko girl, even though she’s a wolf.  Wolf girl would sound more like wolf man and that’s a very different image.

      She starts playing around with the PDA trying to see if there’s a camera app.  Or game apps, but the school gave this stuff to her so probably not.  Just getting to this place meant almost everything she owned was left behind, including her phone and camera, but she’ll work around it.  If there’s PDAs here, other electronics must surely be somewhere in this school too.