• Paxmaveiti
    • #26517

      Welcome! Lets get to know each other!

    • Skye
    • #32168

      i just joined skyrie so i apologize if i ever do something wrong but yeah ^_^

    • Axe
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      Hello! So, I’ve been rummaging through the groups for a while now looking for a worth-while roleplay that isn’t a run-of-the-mill high school roleplay or… Hetalia or some garbage (not that hatalia is garbage, but c’mon now there are like at least 10 hetalia roleplay groups on this site) and I think I’d like to settle down here. So far, Skyrie seems like a great forum site for gamers and I think it has a lot of potential in being popular to roleplayers, there just needs to be some more monumental stories bubbling up in the groups.

      Anyways, please call me Axe. I’ve been roleplaying for 6 years, stopped for the past few months, and now that I have all this free time when I’m not attending my college courses I’d like to spend it roleplaying~ I look forward to taking part and helping this group grow for the best! I look forward to our adventures together.

    • Max
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      Yo, names Max. I like to RP…yep -_-

    • Paxmaveiti
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      Its nice to meet everyone. ^^ I’ve been looking everywhere for a really good place to rp. (I was limited to facebook until I discovered Skyrie) And my idea for this group actually came from a rp page I made on FB that didnt quite pan out the way I wanted it to, so my hope is that this can grow and become something special, not just for me, but for all of the members as well.

    • #33172

      I’ll be participating as well.  I LOVE magic and I guess that’s most of the reason why I’m here x)  I’m a beginner at rp and I don’t do it that often, but hey why not do this.  Let’s all have fun!