Character Bios

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      As the title suggests, Character Bios go here.

      Here’s a quick little format for you to go by.


      -A pic of your character (if you have one) or a brief physical description.


      -Magical Abilities:

      -Any other info you’d like to share:

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      A pic of your character: I don’t have a pic so I suppose I’ll just describe him? He has medium brown shaggy hair (sort of like Eren Jeager’s from Attack on Titan?), dark brown eyes, and a pale complexion. He’s about 5’10” and has a skinny figure.
      Age: 17
      Magical Abilities: He can manipulate water and is immune to fire.
      Any other info you’d like to share: He has a really good memory. He’s also pretty cold to others.

    • Sherlitary
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      -A pic of your character (if you have one) or a brief physical description.
      Okay, I can’t draw & won’t ask anyone to draw for me, but here goes nothing.
      He’s got bright green eyes  with red surrounding the pupils, they seem to glimmer when he gets overly-emotional. His hair is black & curly like Benedict Cumberbatch’s hair when he played Sherlock in Sherlock, but the ends are dyed light blue. His skin is pale, but not overly-so. He’s 5’6″ & medium sized in the middle.
      -Magical Abilities:
      He can learn the information from any book with just touching it, & he remembers the information even years after. He can also charm people into listening, but that doesn’t always work.
      -Any other info you’d like to share:
      He gets really emotionally attached to dumb things like his coat & scarf. He also is really good at listening to people rant & such.

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      -Name: Logan Ashford

      -Description: Logan is a slim teenage man with platinum blond hair styled to be rather spiky. He wears a small dark mini-cloak over the blazer of St. Lalina school uniform. He thinks this fashion accessory makes him look dashing, but actually is just evident of poor fashion sense. Another noticeable physical feature is the stud in one ear and his perfectly manicured hands.


      -Magical Abilities: “Necrodancer”

      Through the powers of rhythm and dance, he can reanimate and control dead organic matter as well as summon, command and commune with deceased human spirits. His control over his undead followers requires that they be within hearing range of his music.

      The music he plays can charm the weak-willed and unaware into dancing along to the beat of the song and forgetting their worries or current train of thought until the music is turned off or something cancels the magical effect. Getting bitten by a zombie may also cause this “Dancing Fever”.

      -Any other info you’d like to share:

      He is currently trying to reconcile the “creepy” nature of his magical powers with his warm personality.
      The dancing aspect of his powers give him the agility and speed of a gymnast, although he has poor upper body strength.

    • Goji Ishiro
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      6'9" tall, 3 foot long tail



      -Age: 60 in human years, 18 in Gojira years

      -Magical Abilities: Has radioactive powers. Though more Kaiju than human, he still retains his radioactivity. Though he has radioactivity irradiating from him, it is safe. However, he can use his atomic breath, nuclear pulse, etc just like his Kaiju counterpart. He can also morph into his true form, a 355 foot tall Gojira.

      -Any other info you’d like to share: I am really shy, and even scared, of humans.  After dealing with them since birth, they have always wanted me dead. Slipping into this magic mirror of sorts makes me think the humans were behind it.

    • Goji Ishiro
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      ( I forgot to add I am 6’9″ with a 3 foot long tail. )


    • Max
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      -Name: Max
      -Brief physical description: Messy black hair with pale skin and piercing electric blue eyes. He has a piercing in his right ear, and wears black all the time. A long black overcoat; with a black undershirt underneath it, and black skinny jeans make up his attire. He also has his black combat boots on and sometimes you can see him wearing a black or navy blue fedora. He has his twin swords on him at all times, but mainly uses the 25+ daggers that he carries.

      -Age: 16

      -Magical Abilities: He can bend electricity to his will and can change his weapons, like a dagger for a bow and arrow(s).

      -Any other info you’d like to share: He is currently a student at the school, and he hates crowds of people…yeah…
      He can’t make friends easily, probably because first, he doesn’t care for others (except his pet cat named Rico). Second, He can’t stand people. And third, he doesn’t need anyone else. Well, that’s what he liked to believe.
      He’s really gentle with Rico, a small black cat with mysteriously, green eyes.

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      The Headmistress

      -Age: Unknown but is rumored to be in her 30s

      -Magical Abilities: Oracle Witch – She possesses the power of an Oracle; the power of precognition. She also possesses the ability to see other places and interact with them through mirrors.

      -Any other info you’d like to share: The Headmistress is rarely seen leaving her office, but she will gladly invite a student in if she finds that they are misbehaving.

    • Napstablook
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      Name: Scarlette Amelia Rose (Introduced as Rose)

      Age: 17

      Magical Abilities: Has the Magical ability to heal an injured comrade (and herself), can turn invisible and can teleport if needed.

      Extra Info: Was bullied at home because of her mother’s suicide, and because she herself had been known to self-harm. Once she finds the school, she wonders if she’ll be plunged into the same terrors as her past life or if she’ll be able to fit in with the other students.

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      Name: Tavros Blackwood

      Age: In his early 20’s

      Magical Abilities: He can manipulate shadows and form them into anything he wants.

      Other Info: He has a bad temper. Probably more bark than bite, though – but it wouldn’t be smart to make him mad. He loves art and has a habit of conjuring up shadows to make small doodles.



      (( Art credit goes to sakimichan! I’ll draw him myself when I have time. owo ))

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      okay– so the pic’s not showing up for some reason.. Help? ;;w;;

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      Taiga, the url is too large so the image won’t show up.  If you can shorten it then it’ll show.


      Name: Dana “Gin” Stirling

      Description: Award Winner for Best Art: Cruel.cHorus

      Age: 22

      Magical Abilities: Summoner!  But like a level 2 one and the level cap is 100.  She can summon small creatures, most notably of which is a sentient frog familiar which is kinda like a frog but also kinda not because it walks on two legs and talks for some reason.  She’s better at enchanting though, honestly.  Like a level 18 enchanter.  So far she has only enchanted clothing and simple weapons.  Once she tried enchanting cooking equipment to cook for her and ended up fired, banned from the restaurant, and out of a home to pay for the damage.

      Other info: She. has. no. style. She. has no. grace.  Th-th-th-th-this char has no place!  Due to The Great Kitchen Disaster Gin sleeps in this guy’s shed.  Or did.  Until she came to this school.  She’s upbeat and has a positive outlook on life despite having no idea what she’s doing.  At times she can feel a bit mischievous towards people close to her and people she deems deserve some kind of justice.

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Name: Yvette Mona Dream</p>
      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Age: 19</p>
      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Magical abilities: Shape shifter, and mage</p>
      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Other Info: N/A</p>

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      -A pic of your character (if you have one) or a brief physical description:

      Shorter in stature, she stands at 5’8. She wears, normally, a bomber jacket, with aviator goggles. She has an array of freckles, and usually has her long hair pulled up into two pony tails to prevent it from interfering with her work. She has a burn right across her nose, causing her to wear a bandage along it. On her arms are long, thin scars from her pyrotechnic ways.

      -Magical Abilities: She is an elemental pyrotechnic, meaning she can control flames. Although she controls it, she tends to lose focus and and lose control of the flames, resulting in her burns and such. Although it doesn’t cause her pain, it still burns her.

      Any other info you’d like to share:

      She’s lesbian, but keeps it mostly a secret for the fear of not being accepted.

      Although she seems carefree, deep down she cares a lot about others and what they think of her.

      She actually enjoys fighting, and frequently does, in hand to hand.

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      -Age: 16

      -Magical Abilities: Telepathy, Shape shifting

      -Any other info you’d like to share: Artemis Walker is sort of like a werewolf, kept in this half human, half wolf state by a silver ring on her finger. Should the ring be removed, she will return to her wolf shape, but she can be changed back by the ring as well. Artemis is very friendly to everyone she meets.