Are you new? Introduce yourselves to everyone!

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      Wow okay so I missed a lot haha. To those who are new here and do not know me I am Sango nice to meet you. Want to know about me simply ask :)

    • Kirara
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      //Hello everyone my name is Kirara, I am pet and loyal friend of Lady Sango nice to meet you. Information about myself in bio.

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      Hello! My name is Yuna Di Kaito, I was excommunicated from my world and ended up here. That is the basis of my story so far.

      // OOC:  If I remember the questions correctly, the answers are I prefer to rp in the groups that I have noticed and read details of so far, I don’t care for messages. Please try not to send them unless it’s very important. I’m here strictly for the rps.  I don’t mind doing short or long rps depending on the story. Currently my intros are short paragraphs. And I’m honored that so many have added me or accepted my friendship here. Thank you!
      Ah almost forgot, Lady Helena kindly mentioned to me that someone else here is called Yuna. I figured it wasn’t the same character so I didn’t think it was uncomfortable for anyone. Sorry, to miss Yuna Aragoto, that wasn’t my intention. Lady Helena suggested that I use the nickname Yun, so I added it to my profile and I’m not opposed to being called Yun if you don’t wish to call me Yuna.

      I guess that’s all for now! Thank you again! I like what I’ve seen of the community here so far. No complaints on my behalf. And I hope I don’t disappoint.

      ~well, that was unexpectedly long lol~

    • Alita
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      Hello everyone I am major Makoto Kusanagi nice to meet you. Basic information on my profile for now.

    • Michiru Kagemori
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      ///Hi hi my character is Michiru Kagemori from the anime BNA: brand new animal. I found this site when I was searching google for places to make an Rp account. I look forward to making friends here basic information will be added gradually see you soon *winks*

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      Hi ya’ll! The name is Sheba Koffin but everyone calls me Kofi! I’m a bounty hunter that ends up in this world where I hope to start my new journey.
      (I added some information to my profile. I am new here. I used to roleplay on facebook but this seems more convenient. I prefer to rp rather than getting bombarded with messages. Depends, I don’t want to use it to rp. Hmm, I don’t mind 1×1 or group roleplays. I guess we can talk about things I like or roleplay it. Either way, I came here to roleplay mostly. I think that about covers the q & a.)

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      Hello Everyone I’m Boruto, Son of the seventh hokage Naruto and Hinata. Pleased to meet you all.

    • Axel Heart
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      Yo! The name’s Axel nice to meet you all. I am here to make new friends but i do not like DM’s/personal chats from those i do not know. Willing to rp with others so please don’t hesitate basic information in bio.

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      Hello everyone my name is Sumiko de Alger Obelia. As for a bio that is still being worked out.She is an orphan whose parents mysteriously died. I like messages only if they are from people I know. I like both one on one rp and also group Rp’s. I’m here to make new friends and have some fun and exciting role playing. I was invited to join you all by Eri she is a really good friend and I hope to be friends with all of you some day.