Welcome to Skyrie! :)

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      A PS: To those serial adders. Please note, that not everyone will add you, especially since we’ve experienced a rising number of trolls and scam/spam accounts. So don’t take it personally. Not everyone will accept your add. Some are more cautious than others. Plus, if you aren’t showing a bio, some rp or even a little talk in “Let’s Talk About Anime” or some group like that, not sure why we should even accept you. Trust is earned. That’s all… arigato!

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      *Pako & Tokiko surround Sevrent with a hug.* @sevrent

      Pako: welcome back kiddo!

      Tokiko: *still snuggling him* So good to have you back home! Hey, check this thread for some info and updates. *winks*

    • Latina
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      * Patiently awaited her turn to speak so she can introduce herself observing the others that did it before her. After everyone was finished she gave a slight curtsy then spoke. * Hello everyone my name is Latina, Arigato for the welcome here. They mean a lot.

    • Wolf
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      I got one question, cause its not really specified in the Terms or Rules, what kind of mature content is allowed and not allowed on the site? Cause all you say is to mark it as Mature, but that could mean anything. So my question is for mature content, What is allowed and What isn’t allowed?

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      *sighs* you can message Captain Skyrie directly about this question. But you can also use common sense.  Use private or hidden groups for your overly lewd content. In the description write that your group is for a mature audience only. And keep in mind there are young people on this site not interested in seeing that stuff. They just want to rp. But if thats not goood enough you can always go to pornhub. Your welcome!

    • Skyrie
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      Hi all. Yes, mature content should only be in private posts and groups at the moment. In the future we’re looking at adding a mature content option.

    • Rocky Lee
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      Thank you for this note and welcome! I’ll read it carefully!

    • Rocky Lee
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      We will, no worries. I’ve read most already.