Welcome to Skyrie! :)

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      I am not new here just new back, so its not needed to welcome me again but thank you all.

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      // Hi everyone, I got a bit confused about private groups a while ago and I thought it needs some clarification here.

      If you see a private group, it is possible to see the start of the description if you go to http://www.skyrie.net/groups or use “View all results” while using the search bar. Hopefully this will help you figure out which groups are okay to apply to and which ones aren’t.

    • Takatin
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      // I’m lucky to know most of the members of the GSC. But if it’s any help. When you first log in you can see all “groups” and all “members”.

    • Rebecca Lee
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      I thought I made a post a while back thanking you for the welcome here but I went back and seems I had not. So gomen and thank you for the warmest welcome here, I look forward to being friends with you,


    • Kanade Tachibana
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      domo arigato lady sakata this is some very helpful information I have read and understand it all, my name is Kanade Tachibana and I came here from google+ it is nice to meet you. I hope to be friends with you all here and get to role play with you.  *Bows to her in great respect of acknowledgement towards her then smile

    • Kanade Tachibana
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      Oh yes m’am I found some very helpful information from this group forum. So far since I have joined here I have been welcomed so kindly and I appreciate it very much, I look forward to meeting you all in due time *Bows*

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      Welcome new arrivals! So we now have two options for your entry/introduction. Please read descriptions in both carefully so that you can make a choice that fits you.

      One is called “Escape from Otherworld” the other one is called “Allegro Express” We wish you luck and see you at the finish line. hehe

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      Welcome minna and welcome back to old Skyrie Citizens! It goes without saying, to catch up you might have to do some reading and to participate, same thing, along with respect for each groups description and please don’t jump into other people’s rps without permission. Otherwise, please enjoy yourselves!

      One more note/reminder, Skyrie is set to update this site sometime in July if all goes as planned as per the Captain himself ;)