• Kaito Shion
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      Hey there! I’m Kaito! Nice to meet you all. Guess I’ll say a bit about myself.

      I’ve been a near Icecream Addict since my creation date.

      I’m Bi, which helps with all the music I work with.

      Um…I like scarves, thats a thing too!


    • Peridot
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      Yo! I’m Wyvern. ╭<<◕°ω°◕>>╮

      I’m an asexual for sure and haven’t made up my mind about whether I’m aromantic or not because what exactly is romance anyway??

      If I had to choose a queer theme song it would be “He-man: What’s going on?”

      Oh, also I’m open about it in public/ outside of the internet.

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      Eh, you sayin’ Loaka likes girls?


      Ye’d be right, eh. Loaka likes ’em pretty ones all. Loaka likes touchin’ and bumpin’, ya? Ye wanna touchin’ Loaka? O’ course ye do, eh.


      Loaka don’t get why fellas make big deal of it, eh? Ones what like the same and not, all of ’em make a big deal. Some’a dem say is very good, tell everyone, other say very bad an’ y’goin’ ta be in trouble wit’ someone, eh. No one really needa care what make ye loins happy, eh? E’cept for ’em what is makin’ ye loins happy, heh heh heh! Likin’ those bits or dese bits ain’t makin’ ya different or special, no more t’an likin’ ye meat burnt or bleedin’, eh?

      Is impurrtant ye rememb’rin’, ya.

    • HalfMe-HalfWho
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      I’m “No-Name” I’ve got so many names I prefer to just stick with that since I’m not sure who I am yet! :p

      I’m aromantic but pansexual. (Yeah, its a bit complicated)

      Favorite songs are: “Gay or European?” and “Everyone is Gay” (True story, they’re both really awesome too, not making fun of people in the slightest.)

      Extra: I’m really open about what I believe in and stand up for anyone who is wronged. I also believe a hug is a way to greet someone. I love making people laugh and feel happy. XD